10 Fashion Tips For Tall Men

Tall guys you may think you have fashion figured out, but take a moment to read these ten fashion tips for tall men. For you, shopping is a difficult task because you're a tall guy. The purpose of these fashion tips for tall men is to give you hope and provide a progressive approach to reincarnating your closet.

  1. Develop a “two closets, one man” mentality. This is the most important tip for tall men. To begin go to your closet. Take out any too-short pants, too-big shirts, and old shoes. Reduce your beaten-and-worn caps to two, and prepare to revamp your cologne collection. Pack the pants and shoes for donating.
  2. Listen to women. This tip for tall men seems obvious but you should know you don't have to buy expensive cologne. View your collection. If a lady has asked you what you use keep it. If no one has ever asked you, donate it.
  3. Get/Stay fit! Make plans to get on a work-out schedule by stopping by a local fitness club. This fashion tip for tall men comes in third because following a routine is one of four important ways to maintain a positive self-image.
  4. Wear pants that are long enough. You've just donated all your pants so meander your way through the big & tall departments to start. If you're searching for dress pants. look for some that have not been hemmed. They can be adjusted to fit you. Any pants that you wear shouldn't pass your ankle when sitting.
  5. Play with colors. Everyone likes dark colors, but why not brighten up a bit? If your legs are long keep the bottom dark and the top lighter. This will give you room to play around with different shirts and styles.
  6. Update your casual collection. You've probably had the same shoes for some years, because finding that casual shoe in your size isn't easy. Since most stores have online options, ask an employee to look up your size for available styles. An important tip for tall men is to remember that your shoes must match the color of your belt.
  7. Wear hats, shades, or both. While athletic caps are an excuse to be a teen again, don't be afraid to play with different styles. Hats paired with light-tinted shades which can be worn both in and outside. But steer away from dark shades, it looks as if you're trying to hide something.
  8. Wear blazers to add spice. The color of the blazers shouldn't contradict the pants you've bought.
  9. Tailor your shirts. Shirts fall in ninth in fashion tips for tall men because you've gotten into the good habit of buying shirts that are too large. Look up a tailor in your area.
  10. Shop online! If your day out shopping hasn't been successful, head to your computer. The last monumental tip for tall men is when you cant find anything in the stores take to the internet in order to fill your closet.

Don't settle for less. It will be hard, but not impossible. Many of the clothes you'll buy will be priced higher than average. But remember, all the ladies are looking up to you. Follow these tips for tall men and you won't disappoint them.

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