10 Fashion Tips For Teens

These 10 fashion tips for teens will help teens to develop their self-esteem and promote self-respect. Teens often allow their peers to impact their self-esteem and respect. Fashion is just one way to provoke the response that you want from your peers.

  1. Practice good hygiene. Good hygiene is more than just taking a shower or washing your hands. It also applies to fashion, and needs to be practiced on your clothing. Wear clothing that has no stains to indicate your high regard for hygiene.
  2. Create mystery. Even if you want to show off your cleavage or developing muscles, don't. If you put everything out there, you take away from the mystery of who you are and, in the process, can cheapen your look.
  3. Have fun. Use colors and unique styles to have fun expressing yourself. As a teenager, you are allowed to have fun with your sense of fashion.
  4. Wear a consistent type of jewelry. If you are wearing gold earrings, don't wear plastic rings. When you wear too many types of materials together it creates a chaotic look that can be unpleasant.
  5. Wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are too tight can make a person look cheap. Clothes that are to big can make you look like a slob. Instead, wear clothes that fit correctly. This can be tough since teens are often still growing, but good fashion demands it.
  6. Start your own trend. One way to stand out from the crowd is to start your own trend. It can be something simple, but it should reflect your individuality.
  7. Let your clothing promote your beliefs. For instance, if you are concerned about using petroleum products, avoid plastic coats. If you are an animal lover, don't wear leather. There are numerous other fashion choices that teens can make to make a statement.
  8. Pay attention to your nails and teeth. Everyone else is. If you wear nail polish, keep it in good repair. Make sure your nails and teeth are clean because they are some of the first things your fellow teens will notice about you.
  9. Use your imperfections to your advantage. As an example, if you hate it that you have braces, make them cool by creating different color patterns with the rubber bands on the brackets.
  10. Rejoice in who you are. When you are dressed in clean, comfortable clothes that don't make you feel exposed, you'll feel good about who you are. Revel in your fashion choices!
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