10 Fashion Trends In 1950’s

The 10 fashion trends in 1950's are not only fascination, they have also inspired many contemporary fashion designers who create retro pieces. Read on to learn more about the most prominent fashion trends in 1950s and draw ideas on how to revamp your wardrobe and outfits!

  1. Chemise. A chemise is a loose and delicate sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps. These dresses are extremely feminine, and they are also very comfortable as women can adjust the waist according to their body shapes. It was one of the most popular fashion trends in 1950s when Coco Chanel introduced the idea to the public. 
  2. Velvet top. Women in the 1950s cherished comfort, but at the same time, they also wanted to show off the lushness of their femininity. As such, velvet tops became one of the most well-recognized fashion trends in the 1950s. 
  3. Sleeveless dress. You may be surprised by the fact that women in the 1950s wore sleeveless dresses all four seasons in the year. They doted on this fashion item for its convenience and comfort. Sleeveless dresses were also popular for more formal occasions. 
  4. Stole. One of the famous fashion trends in 1950's was the stole. Women would often wear a long matching fabric and have that delicately drape over their bare shoulders while they wear an intricate dinner dress. 
  5. Patent leather. Patent leather is not only stylish now, but it was also one of the biggest fashion trends in the 1950s. Like today, it was used to make pumps, handbags and accessories. 
  6. Leotard. Women in the 1950s loved wearing leotards, and would pair them with full skirts that sure captured a lot of attention. 
  7. Form-fitting pants and skirts. It is not surprising that fitted pants and tight skirts were one of the biggest fashion trends in 1950s; in fact, that was quite like our current obsession with leggings, and even more so, jeggins (leggings that imitate jeans). Usually, women would wear an over-sized top or sweater with the fitted bottom. 
  8. Leather jacket. For men in the 1950s, leather jackets were a must if they wanted to attract the opposite sex. To create a rebellious look, they would pop up the collar of the jacket. 
  9. Strapless evening gown. No one will be surprised to see strapless dresses nowadays. In fact, this trend began to develop in the 1950s and have become popular ever since. 
  10. Poodle skirt. Women in the 1950s often wore a full skirt with a poodle silhouette printed on it. These skirts usually came in colors such as neon pink and bright red.  
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