10 Fastest Dirt Bikes In The World

Whether you’re in Costa Rica, or having a blast in El Mirage dry lake, these 10 fastest dirt bikes in the world can get you a good idea of the fastest machines on this planet. Many manufactures are well known, but just few models survive. Check these dudes out.

  1. Honda CRF450R. This machine is definitely part of the fastest dirt bikes in the world. The way it takes you too push your limits is because of its 449cc, liquid cooled, 4 stroke single engine, combined with a full transistor with three gear position electronic advance ignition, burning awesome power in the field.
  2. Kawasaki KX 500. Kawasaki can sometimes be challenged, but it remains as one of the fastest and most favorite bikes around. It has a distinctive green and white color that makes it recognizable miles away. Repair parts are always available, to make for a better tuning experience.
  3. Kawasaki KX 250 Two Stroke. Once again, this excellent Japanese manufacturer has brought another uncontrollable speed monster to eager riders all over. It came with a new and improved aluminum frame, saving pounds of weight. Another thing to rely on is the stock system that does a very good job in any kind of terrain.
  4. KTM 525 EXC. The “Desert Queen” loves speed so much, that lusting to go faster will be inevitable. This dirt bike provides you with great handling. It also comes with a special version, called XC Desert Racing. You can find it still rocking around the world.
  5. ATK 700 Intimidator. Japanese dirt bikes found a real competitor in the United States. ATK left its mark with sheer intimidation. It dethroned the XR650 with shame. Aside top speed, the manufacturer has its own motto: “all our bikes are considered multi-purpose off-road machines.” This statement makes it clear that there is no favoritism for motocross or enduro bikes.
  6. KTM 950 Super Enduro R. This is an orange demon with black horns, with great features like slim and compact two cylinder enduro. You can also add denso battery ignition. It is so light that in top speed, that you will fly if it wasn't for the wheels. This is truly a supersonic experience for any rider who likes fast thrilling emotions.
  7. BWV HP2 Enduro. A dynamic and agile dirt bike that roars like a lion in the savannah. In this case, the basic idea is fast, frenetic speed. The world demanded something powerful, and this baby does deliver power with a 105 bhp, which can turn any rider into an instant off-road maniac.
  8. Honda XR650R. This bike has been called “The King of Baja” with most respect. The series started in 1982. Since then, this model changed the horizons, but it wasn’t always a quiet idea to produce it because Yamaha pushed Honda to get ready faster than they had expected. Finally the result was this roadrunner.
  9. KTM 495. A dirt bike that has a space in the heart of many riders. It was a fast bike back then, but it's still remembered with love. The 80’s was its era. Therefore it became a hero, and it deserves to be on this list. Now, it is tuned as a fun hobby bike, and is considered as a valuable piece of history by collectors all over.
  10. Honda CRF250R. The flawless competitor in Japan for Kawasaki and Suzuki bikes. It is damn fast. It delivers shivers to most beginners that experience hesitation. Experts say that the suspension is a little bit stiff, but don’t get the wrong idea. The chassis is great. It is also comfortable and it will make you feel good riding one. Don’t forget the most important feature here, the engine.
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