10 Fat Hollywood Actors

Want to know 10 fat Hollywood actors? There are many actors in Hollywood that are not fit, muscular or slim; many are more on the chubbier side. If you want to know who those fat Hollywood actors are, read on for the top ten list.

  1. John Goodman is 58 years old and is best known for his role on “Roseanne” as Dan Conner. This fat Hollywood actor recently was the voice of Eli 'Big Daddy' La Bouff in the movie “The Princess and The Frog.”
  2. Vesa-Matti Loiri is a 65 year old Finnish actor. This fat actor got his start in the movie “Pojat.” He was also the voice of the Genie in the Finnish version of "Aladdin."
  3. Jack Black is a 40 year old fat Hollywood actor. He’s most known for his roles in “School of Rock,” “King Kong,” “Nacho Libre” and “Orange County” to name a few.
  4. John Belushi was a fat Hollywood actor who died in 1982 of a combination of heroin and cocaine. He played in “National Lampoons Animal House” and “The Blues Brothers.”
  5. Kevin Patrick Smith is a fat, 40 year old, American Hollywood actor. He has done television roles in “Veronica Mars” and “Law & Order.”
  6. Brian Cox is a 64 year old Scottish actor. This fat Hollywood actor is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company. However, he also had acting role in “Braveheart” and his was the voice of the TV reporter in the recent movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox."
  7. Ray Winstone is 53 years old. He was in the movie “The Departed” and “Edge of Darkness.” This fat Hollywood actor is known for his tough guy roles.
  8. Philip Seymour Hoffman is 43 years old. He began his acting career in 1991 in television. This fat Hollywood actor played in the movies “Along Came Polly,” and “Mission Impossible III.”
  9. Ned Beatty is a 73 year old, fat Hollywood actor. He appeared in more than one hundred films. He made his debut in “Wilderness Road” at the age of nineteen. He recently was the voice of Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear in the movie "Toy Story 3."
  10. Jeffrey Jones is another fat, American Hollywood actor. Appearing in the movies “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” and “Beetlejuice," this 63 year old actor's most recent film was “Who’s Your Caddy?”
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