10 Father’s Day Gifts For Expectant Fathers

Here are 10 best Father's Day gifts for expectant fathers. When a couple is expecting a baby, the future mother gets a good deal of the attention. This is rightfully so, as she is the one carrying and delivering the baby. However, make an expectant father the center of attention on Father's Day with these gift ideas.

  1. Give an expectant father a great movie about babies or fatherhood. Although "Father of the Bride" may be a bit far into the future, it's a beautiful story on fatherhood. Other great choices include "Three Men and a Baby" and "Look Who's Talking." Films make great Father's Day gifts.
  2. Give a dad-to-be a day at the spa. Although this is unconventional for a Father's Day gift, it's an important and great idea. You'll probably want to also include a day at the spa for the mom-to-be, as she probably needs pampering. A day at the spa for new parents to be pampered is a great bonding experience and a great way to spoil themselves before they devote themselves full-time to the needs of the baby.
  3. Give a great CD as a Father's Day present to an expectant father. The CD should have a theme suitable for parenthood. It can even be one for the father to enjoy alongside his baby. Kenny Loggins has two great CDs out for parents and kids. His first and best, "Return to Pooh Corner," is irresistible. Olivia Newton-John's "Warm and Tender" also features great songs that dad can enjoy while waiting for baby to come along.
  4. Give a dad magazines and books that have a fatherhood theme. Father's Day is a time for celebrating great dads. When a man is not quite a dad yet, celebrate the father he can become by learning and reading as much as he can.
  5. Give an expectant dad a single ticket to the local amusement park. If you live near Anaheim, California or Orlando, Florida, make it to a Disney theme park. Have an alternative plan for the mom-to-be for the day. All guys love a night out and this can be a day out alternative. No dad-to-be should go too crazy and this allows him to ride all the crazy rides that he'll have to skip in the upcoming years as he caters to his kids' needs in the park. It also gives him a chance to see lots of kids and babies and he can get all the more excited about fatherhood.
  6. Give the ultimate Father's Day gift: a tie. However, put a unique twist to it. Give him a tie that has a baby theme. If you know if he's having a boy or girl, you could make it pink or blue. He'll appreciate wearing it with pride for the week of his baby's birth.
  7. If you're on a budget, give a coupon book. This is a take on the homemade gift for Father's Day. Except for this gift make it a coupon of promises of things that you are going to do for the new couple and their baby. For instance, have a babysitting night, a free phone call to baby sit at the last minute, an offer of being there for the baby for its whole life, and an offer of a favor of the parents' choice when it comes to the care of the child.
  8. Give a present for the baby. Although many expectant moms are showered with baby gifts on holidays and birthdays, many people skip giving the baby gift to the expectant dad. If you know that the couple are struggling or are in need of anything for the baby, give that instead of a Father's Day present.
  9. Give the gift of a weekend away for the couple before the baby comes. Although this present may be too extravagant for many, it's a nice Father's Day present from future grandmothers and future grandfathers. It will probably be the last time the couple gets away without having to worry about a babysitter for almost two decades.
  10. Give a gag gift. If there's something an expectant father needs, it's likely a good laugh to calm his nerves.
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