10 Father’s Day Gifts For A New Dad

Make a new dad's day with these 10 best Father's Day gifts for a new dad. A Father’s Day gift for a new dad should be very special and particular to having a new baby. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be connected to the new baby.

  1. Baby Hand prints. Purchase a kit at any retail or online store to create an impression of the baby’s hand and/or foot prints. The baby’s name and birth date can be added. The slate can also be painted and decorated. Or, try a stepping stone for a variation of this idea.
  2. New Dad T-shirt. Get a T-shirt made up with the baby’s picture on it. Add a caption such as “New Dad”, “I love my baby”, “I love my daughter”, or “I love my son”. You could also add the baby’s name and date of birth.
  3. Hand Print / Foot Print Tie. A unique father’s day gift for a new dad is a tie with baby’s hand or footprint on it. This is perfect for dads that work in an office. Simply purchase a plain tie and add baby’s hand or foot print to the bottom using non-toxic stamp ink. This is much more subtle and attractive than the traditional crazy tie gift that is so famous on Father’s day.
  4. Picture and Frame. Purchase or make a special “Dad” frame and insert a picture of dad and baby prior to gifting.
  5. Tickets to a game. Buy tickets to dad’s favorite sporting event and bring baby along. It will be a cherished time to remember the day when the baby’s first ball game was on Father’s day.
  6. New Wallet. Add a picture of the baby inside. A man can always use a new wallet, especially one with a special section for all those cute baby pictures.
  7. iPod. Gift a new iPod touch, complete with baby pictures loaded in. Even better, download some songs about being a dad such as “Just The Two of Us” by Will Smith, “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac, “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle, and “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens.
  8. Music CD. When buying a new iPod is out of the question, make a CD with “dad songs”.  Create a CD cover with a picture of dad and baby together. This Father’s day gift for a new dad will be fun for years to come as baby and daddy can dance together, creating new memories. Each time dad hears these songs he will always think about his first father’s day and about his first child.
  9. Daddy and Me Book. Create a book using pictures of baby alone and baby and dad together. Photo books are available online and at pharmaceutical stores that have a photo lab. You can add phrases to each page, telling a story about father and baby, or leave pages blank.
  10. Pocket Digital Picture Frame. This Father’s day gift for a new dad will keep pictures of kids handy at all times. Why not download pictures of the entire family on there? There are also keychain models available.
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