10 Favorite Christmas Movies

Christmas is made special by watching all 10 favorite Christmas movies. Christmas movies offer the best in the spirit of Christmas with story lines, characters, music, singing, and dance. Everyone has their own favorite Christmas movies and each movie has a tale of heartwarming Christmas magic.

  1. "Scrooged" A new modern twist of the classic Charles Dickens tale as only Bill Murray of SNL fame can do. This 1988 film has an all star cast and brilliant script full of unique characters. Frank Cross, a ruthless television executive, who has alienated everyone, is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve who guide him on a journey back into rejoining the human race as a loving, kind, generous man.
  2. "The Holiday" Two professional women disillusioned by love, trade homes (one outside of London and one in Los Angeles) over the Christmas holiday and each finds a new life, new love, and create an urban family. Good script and a great cast including a different role for Jack Black. Eli Wallach is charming and the old neighbor.
  3. "Bad Santa" Lovers of sick twisted humor will love Billy Bob Thornton as Willie Stokes, a dirty, scruffy, and drunken mall Santa / con man who works a plan to rob the shopping mall. Great Christmas movie fun.
  4. "Christmas in Connecticut" This 1945 Christmas classicmovie stars Barbara Stanwyck (Elizabeth Lane) and Dennis Morgan (Jefferson Jones). Elizabeth is a well known home economist in publication only who, in reality, has no domestic skills. Jones is a Navy war veteran. They come together in a country home as Elizabeth has to prove herself as a domestic goddess to her publisher. Great romantic comedy at Christmas.
  5. "A Christmas Story" This Christmas tale from 1989 has become the Christmas movie. Ralphie wants an air rifle for Christmas and everyone including Santa says he will shoot his eye out. Darren McGavin is brilliant as the eccentric father. The snowy mid western town and old fashioned Christmas, and kiddom of the 1940’s are irresistible.
  6. "Holiday Affair" Disillusioned war widow Connie (Janet Leigh) is hanging onto her dead husband, raising a son alone to be the man of the house, and resisting any romantic involvement. Connie meets store clerk Steve (Robert Mitchum) at Christmas that changes everything about her life. Light romantic Christmas comedy.
  7. "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" An endearing vagabond winters in the empty 5th Avenue mansion of the second richest man. One by one he collects needy guests to spend the winter in the mansion. Unknown to all is one of the guests is the owner of the mansion. This classic 1947 film delivers a heartwarming Christmas message.
  8. "It’s A Wonderful Life" George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) is given the Christmas gift of knowing what life would be like for his loved ones and his town if he had never lived. His delusions crumble a he slowly is shown how important his life is to those around him. Donna Reed is wonderful as Mary.
  9. "The Man Who Came to Dinner" Monty Woolley at his best playing Sheridan Whiteside, a narcissistic, overbearing, and prickly radio celebrity who falls on the icy steps of a foremost Ohio family’s home and recuperate there as he dominates the family and his surroundings. Whiteside’s assistant Maggie who finds love over Christmas in this small town is played by Bette Davis. Jimmy Durante delivers a fantastic musical cameo.
  10. "Miracle on 34th Street" It is just not Christmas without this endearing classic 1947 black and white film. Kris Kringle (Edmond Gwenn) is the Macy’s Santa Clause that restores faith and love at Christmas time to little Susan (Natalie Wood) and her disillusioned mother Doris (Maragret O’Hara). All start cast, great performances, and spectacular script makes this a must see Christmas movie.



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