10 FBI Fraud Tips Investigations

These 10 FBI fraud tips investigations can help keep you from being the subject of fraudulent activities. The Federal Bureau of Investigations identifies cyber fraud as one of the leading forms of fraud committed. Internet fraud can include online auction fraud, credit and debit card fraud, bank fraud, multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes, work-at-home scams and other criminal offenses that can be perpetrated in chat rooms, emails and websites.

  1. Revealing private information. You may be offered some freebies in exchange for providing your Social Security Number, email, credit card accounts and other private information. This FBI fraud tip includes not revealing this information online unless you are one hundred percent sure you trust and know the person or entity you are giving the information to.
  2. Auction fraud. Review a seller's feedback and conduct personal inquiry regarding the background of the seller. Be more cautious with unsolicited offers. Use private payment methods when paying online, such as using a legitimate escrow payment system.
  3. Credit card fraud. This is a top FBI fraud tip. Ensure that you are paying on a secured online site when using your credit card. Conduct your own investigation as to the legitimacy of the site where you are making a purchase and do not give your credit card number on websites that you find suspicious.
  4. Too-good-to-be-true offers. You are sometimes offered a too-good-to-be-true working or business opportunity. If the offer sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.
  5. Work-at-home offers. There are countless scams about work-at-home employment offers. This FBI fraud tip advises that before signing up you should make a background check regarding the employer or call the Better Business Bureau to check its legitimacy.
  6. Fraud on escrow services. The FBI warns not to easily click a link provided, but instead type the URL yourself. Be aware too whether the company is offering a very low escrow fee.
  7. Identity theft. This FBI fraud tip against identity theft consists of being vigilant of unauthorized transactions made from your account. Ensure that each website you use is secured and that it is trustworthy.
  8. Investment fraud. Before undertaking any business investment, ensure that a background check has been done to know the company or persons you are dealing with are legitimate and can be trusted. Do your research and understand the nature of the business being offered. Review thoroughly the terms of investments before paying.
  9. Lottery fraud. This FBI fraud tip concerns lottery fraud. You need to become aware of any fees involved in claiming your prize. Some may demand additional money to process your winnings. If you do not remember joining any lottery or contest, then it is safe to assume that it can be a scam.
  10. Third-party fund receiver fraud. The FBI warns against accepting wire payments for auctions that you know nothing about. A warning sign is when the other party states that their country does not allow them to receive the funds.

FBI fraud tip investigations also include warnings involving the elderly, who are often common targets for fraud. Vigilance calls for effective prevention against fraud as well as the exercise of prudent decisions before undertaking any activities involving money or revealing personal information.



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