10 Female Oral Sex Tips

If you want to become a better lover, you can definitely benefit from learning the following 10 female oral sex tips. Female oral sex, more commonly known as cunnilingus, is one of the most sensual forms of foreplay and will do nothing but help you get her in the mood. As much as you like it when she goes down on you, start returning the favor by learning these female oral sex tips.

  1. Relax your tongue. Keeping your tongue pointed may be painful for her and not cover enough area of the vagina. Instead, relax your tongue and start gently licking from the bottom of her vaginal entrance to the clitoris, then all around the outer sides. This is one of the most basic female oral sex tips that, tragically, often goes unnoticed.
  2. Don't over stimulate the clitoris. A lot of guys see the clitoris and immediately assume that they should just go guns blazing and attack that area with their tongues. However, this can give you the exact opposite of the desired effect—instead, gently flick it with your tongue, and move onto the other areas of the vaginal wall. Come back to the clitoris every once in a while, but don't concentrate all of your efforts on it.
  3. Talk to her. It may seem like an amateur move to need to ask for help, but think of it less like that and more along the lines of having her guide your hand, or your tongue for that matter. By talking to your partner and finding out what she likes, you'll gain a better understanding of how to give her the best orgasm in the shortest amount of time.
  4. Use your fingers. Sometimes, wetting a finger or two and slipping it inside her vagina will drive her completely wild. Don't just shove an entire hand in there—gauge her response while testing with one or two fingers to let you know if she's enjoying it.
  5. Remember your alphabet. For those a little nervous about going down on a lady, it sometimes helps to spell out each letter with your tongue. It might sound odd, but this helps in two ways—it increases the dexterity of your tongue while making you more used to licking her for longer periods of time.
  6. Gently suck on the clitoris. The clitoris contains a lot of nerve endings—more than the head of the penis, in fact. Considering this, you shouldn't suck too hard on this part of her body or you might risk hurting her and completely losing the moment.
  7. Enter her with your tongue. This is not as complicated as it might seem. While gently licking her clitoris and vaginal wall, make your tongue into a hardened point and enter her vaginal opening with it. This, much like the finger technique, is a great way to engage the entirety of her vagina in the process of female oral sex.
  8. Touch her elsewhere. Just because you're going down on her doesn't mean that the rest of her body should be ignored. Use your hands to rub her breasts, stomach, neck and inner thigh. This will load up her senses and make her completely and utterly involved with what you're doing down there.
  9. Be patient. One of the best female oral sex tips is also one of the simplest. Your life is not a porn flick, and you're not going to send her over the edge in two minutes. Keep going at it, read her signals, and you'll finish her off eventually.
  10. Have fun with it. Probably the most important female oral sex tip you can receive is to make the most of your time down there. Your partner isn't going to enjoy the cunnilingus if you're doing it begrudgingly, so let her know that you love what you're doing.

A lot of guys become confused when it comes to the matter of the female orgasm, which is why you need these female oral sex tips. Show your lover how much you care by improving your skills at female oral sex and completely driving her wild. You can guarantee that your bedroom sessions will be one hundred times hotter by abiding by these female oral sex tips.

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