10 First Anniversary Ideas For Girlfriend

If you love to celebrate anniversaries, you must know the 10 first anniversary ideas for your girlfriend. You might think that the celebration must be luxurious and pricey to impress your girlfriend. The truth is that money doesn’t justify everything. Creativity that comes from your heart is what counts. Consider these first anniversary ideas for your girlfriend.

  1. Weekend getaway If both of you love traveling, celebrating your first anniversary together with a weekend getaway will do it. You can travel within the country by choosing a cruise, a resort or a bed and breakfast package deal. 
  2. Spa treatment If you want your girlfriend to be peaceful and relaxed on your first anniversary, send her to get spa treatments. The length of the treatment can vary from a couple of hours to a day based on her stress level.
  3. Candlelight dinner If you want to spend some quality time with your girlfriend, preparing a candlelight dinner is a sweet idea for your first anniversary together. No one can invade your privacy when both of you are dining at home.  
  4. Jewelry set Your girlfriend will be very pleased to receive a jewelry set for your first anniversary. Feel free to pick a precious stone set that represents your love and marks the importance of the relationship.
  5. Bouquet of flowers Surprise your girlfriend with a bouquets for your first anniversary together. You can customize the bouquet based on her preferences. To make your gift more enhanced, throw in some balloons, candies and a stuffed toy.  
  6. Gift certificate If your girlfriend loves shopping, you can offer her a gift certificate as the first anniversary idea. The great news is that you can purchase it at her favorite store at an amount that you are comfortable with.
  7. Gift basket If you want to give your girlfriend more than one gift, consider a gift basket. Think about this for a second: It isn’t just a gift basket because you put time and effort into making it.
  8. Love note If you love to express your feelings in your own words, you should write your girlfriend a love note for an anniversary gift. There is no way to buy this priceless note anywhere else.
  9. Scrapbook Your scrapbook will touch your girlfriend’s heart completely because this first anniversary gift idea will remind her of all the great times and memories both of you have shared. To add a little touch, don’t forget to label the pictures.
  10. Photo portrait If you want a memorable first anniversary gift, getting a portrait together will mean so much to your girlfriend. She will always remember this big day whenever she looks at it.
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