10 First Date Ideas During Winter

It can be difficult to come up with one, let alone 10 first date ideas during winter. The weather outside may be cold and snowy, so how can you impress your date? How about using this weather to your advantage? Try these 10 first date ideas during winter.

  1. Ice skating is a perfect first date idea. Even if you are not good at ice skating this is perfect date to help each other out. It's a great chance to hold hands and get to know one another.
  2. Making snowman is a fun winter date idea. If it is snowing, use Mother Nature to your advantage and go make a snowman. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s a fun activity to do and allows you both to relax and see if you can make a great team.
  3. Sledding is another fun first date idea during winter. Remember when you were little and you went sledding every time it snowed? Try being a kid again; this will bring a little adventure to your date and also makes it memorable and fun.
  4. Going for hot cocoa is a great first date idea. Nothing says wintertime like a cup of hot coca. So if you were thinking of going on a coffee date, take her on a hot chocolate date instead. Use the cold weather to your advantage.
  5. Going for hot apple cider is the another great idea during winter. If you don’t like hot cocoa or have had too much, hot apple cider is another great winter drink. Get a slice of pumpkin pie with the cider and the winter date is set.
  6. A wine bar is a warming, romantic first date idea during winter. If she loves wine, and most women do, why not take her to a wine bar. The atmosphere is warm and cozy. It allows you to show her your softer, romantic side.
  7. Bowling calls for a good time. Bowling is a fun and easy indoor activity to do together. If you are nervous, bowling is great to do as a double date, which means double the fun!
  8. Making s'mores is a creative first date idea. If you have a fireplace you may want to invite her over to make some s'mores. Really, who can say no to roasting marshmallows and eating chocolate on a gram cracker? She will be impressed with your creative idea and it's a fun activity to break the ice and get to know one another.
  9. Karaoke is a let-loose-and-have-fun first date idea. This idea is for all the goofballs out there. If you are a goofball here is the time to shine! This event always ends up with good laughs, good times and maybe even some revelations of any hidden talents one might possess.
  10. Go see a jazz or cabaret show as a first date idea during winter. If she loves music, jazz and cabaret shows guarantee great music and a cool atmosphere. It will allow you two to get to know one another and gives you something to talk about.

 Now you've got 10 wonderful first date ideas to use during winter. Go out and enjoy this weather together!

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