10 Flame Tattoo Ideas

Here are 10 flame tattoo ideas. Flame tattoos are cool tattoos to get. They look good on any part of your body. There are flame tattoos for anybody who is planning on inking their skin. If you are planning on getting a flame tattoo yourself, check some of these ideas out.

  1. Skeleton Flame Tattoo – The skeleton looks really unique with flames shooting up out of its eye sockets. You can get many variations of skeleton flame tattoos.
  2. Flaming Swords – The two swords look cool surrounded by flames.  This is a tattoo your friends will ask you about.
  3. Flaming Cobra – The cobra flame tattoo is awesome. You have a striking cobra coming up out of the flames to strike the unsuspecting victim.
  4. Flaming Heart – The flaming heart is a heart with flames coming out of it. Ink that shows you are hot for somebody. What a cool idea.
  5. Flaming Sun – The flaming sun is just what it sounds like. The hot sun with flames on the edges of it. You can make your own variety to fit your personality.
  6. Flaming Cross – The flaming cross could show your friends that you are proud about your religion. You are the cool God fearing dude.
  7. Flaming Tire – You love cars and it shows in your unique ink. You have the fastest car on the road. This is the flame tattoo designed for the person who likes to race.
  8. Flaming Dice – You are the gambler and you’re inked to prove your lifestyle. You gamble in everything you do. Your entire life is a gamble.
  9. Flaming Horse – You have a wild side and you show it through your tats. The flaming horse shows the world your wild side. You take every moment you have and make it yours.
  10. Flaming Dragon – The flaming dragon tells people you are the one not to be messed with. Do not get you angry. They will not like the angry part of you. You are fine when you are calm, but do not pull that switch and turn the fire on.
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