10 Flirty Cell Phone Forwards That Ask Questions

Learn about ten flirty cell phone forwards that ask questions you don’t want to ignore. If you don’t have the nerve to be flirtatious with someone in person than use the next best thing; your cell phone. Use your cell phone as your imaginative outlet to forward the things you really want to say to her, but haven’t got the gumption yet to do so face to face.

  1.  Today is kiss a sexy friend day, I’ll kiss you and what sexy friend are you going to kiss? If you have a good friend that you flirt with because you are attracted to her and you wouldn’t mind having a closer relationship forward this to her, she’ll get the message.
  2. If you could have a care-free one nightstand, who would be in the running? There is nothing wrong with letting someone you know, that you are interested in a little no strings attached fun if he’s up for it (no pun intended).

  3. Who has a chance for a date with you? Without coming right out and asking her out on a date, maybe fear of being rejected you forward this to her and see if she bites.

  4. Name five people you know that you think are hot. Who is at the top of the list? You may have some idea that you are on this list, but you would really like to believe you are at the top. After you forward her this cell phone message, she might send back a reply saying you.

  5. Name one person you think is good looking? You think she is good looking and may have already told her so, but you want to know what she thinks about you, forward this to her cell phone and you just might get your answer.

  6. Stuck on a nudist beach who would you want to see naked? You would love to see her naked, but in the back of your mind you are hoping she will pick send a flirty response back saying, you.

  7. Last day on earth to be wild and crazy, what would you do? Whatever wild and crazy thing she decided to do you are hoping she would want to include you in whatever excitement she would plan.

  8. Favorite fantasy: who, what, when, where, why? Perhaps you have fantasized about you and her having a little flirtatious adult fun and you are wondering have she ever fantasized about you.

  9. Today is share a naughty secret day I’ll share one with you, but will you share one with me? She doesn’t know how hot you think she is, but after you forward this flirty message to her cell phone she will know, that’s if she replies yes to the message you forward to her and you send her an arousing reply.

  10. Share a hug, get a hug. Who will lucky person to get a hug from you today? You would be thrilled to wrap your arms around her and give her a big hug, but you want to know would she like it too.


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