10 Flirty Questions To Ask Women

The key to any conversation with the opposite sex usually revolves around the temptation of flirting, which is why having ten flirty questions to ask women is a necessity. The idea behind any flirty conversation is to attract the woman into something more, whether that be the bedroom for the night, a future date or just her phone number. The following questions are designed to continue the conversation, and usually include a ping word which points out the attraction on the spot.

  1. Hey beautiful, do I know you from somewhere? This flirty question can obviously be used to start a conversation. It only works if the person using it can carry a conversation because the B.S. meter rises the second it is used. 
  2. I'd like to see you prove that beautiful, think you could? Once the woman says something challenging, this line furthers conversation and continues to point out the attraction. It is a playful, flirty question which shows the intent to get together somewhere else. Girls can usually either be hooked or let go of the line at this point.
  3. How'd you like to go ______ with me cutie? When having a conversation with a girl, they will usually talk about somewhere they like to go or something they like to do, this flirty question should be followed with a wink so they can't tell if the question is serious or not. If there is attraction, the woman will agree and playfully joke as well or laugh and continue with what they say.
  4. So what is your perfect type of guy? I want to see if I meet the qualifications at all. A question posed like this indicates attraction and is very playful. Women are very prone to fall for lines that indicate an attraction that goes beyond physical and into the realm of emotional attachment. Use this flirty question but also be aware that if the woman is not into you, they will leave somewhere around this point.
  5. So who are the three hottest guys you know? *Cross your fingers and close your eyes then grin at her* Jokes get the girls and this flirty question will have her laughing and enjoying the sense of humor. It really isn't a question more than a way of flirting but it is effective.
  6. So do you think we should hang out somewhere outside of here so I can prove I'm not a douche elsewhere too? Once again, this indicates more than a one-night stand, and pushes you into nice guy territory. Always follow up these joking questions with a grin or a wink to indicate the playfulness.
  7. So you do ____ beautiful? Does that reel in the guys? Try some two-part flirty questions with some playfulness to get them on the topic of relationships. Continue with this line to flirt and point out more attraction.
  8. I'm just going to point out I'm pretty cute, don't you think? A way of asking attraction playfully and flirty. This will be another test to see what she thinks. If she isn't into it, she will leave. But if she doesn't answer the question, and stays, she is into you.
  9. Do you promise not to make fun of me if I tell you some deep, dark secrets? Say it jokingly somewhere later on in the conversation during the initial phase of the relationship. Use this as a segue into jokes and fun to get them to laugh and flirt more. While this line isn't very flirty, it will continue the conversation into laughs and hand holding. 
  10. I promise my place is better, wouldn't it be easier to make out there? This can be a powerful question designed to get the woman out of the event and into the house. Woman who are attracted will almost always take the bait.

Those are ten best flirty questions to ask a woman. Remember to stay funny and playful through all of them in order to not come off as a stalker in any way. So, flirt on and have some fun out there!

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