10 Flirty Text Questions For A Girlfriend

Learn these 10 flirty text questions for a girlfriend because it is a great way to stay in touch throughout the day and keep the relationship exciting. However, the type of flirty text message you send may depend on the relationship the two of you have.

  1. What color panties do you have on? This flirty question may only be asked if the relationship has gotten intimate or your girlfriend is ready for the relationship to go farther. If you send this text, be prepared to receive a naughty message if she is ready to go there with you.

  2. Would you like to have a little fun later? Of course, she'll be ready to reply to that flirtatious question immediately with a yes. Then it will be time to let her know what kind of fun you have in store for her.
  3. I’m feeling really turned on right now. Would you like to guess why? She's going to hope it has something to do with her, but she doesn't know for sure; you’ll have to fill her in. It may be because of the last time the two of you shared a long passionate kiss that has you hot and bothered; share that with her.

  4. Hey beautiful, have you been thinking about me because I can’t stop thinking about you. Guys think about sex quite a bit throughout the day. Women, on the other hand, think about sweet, intimate moments you have shared together and can't wait for more. She would be thrilled to know that you might be thinking about them, too.  

  5. Good morning. I bet I know what you dreamed about last night. She’s going to be smiling as she reads your flirty text and wonder what you think she dreamed about. Make sure to be creative and playful when you send this text.

  6. I’m lying in bed. Can you guess what I’m doing? Of course, the first thing that will probably come to your girlfriend's mind is something kinky. Girls don't mind being teased a bit, but blow her mind with something unexpected–if you have a picture of her say, "I'm looking at a picture of you, wishing you were here." She is sure to go to bed with a smile on her face.

  7. I just got out of the shower. I wish you were here to help me dry off. This flirty question may not get a reply. After texting something like that, she could be knocking at your door pretty soon to give you a hand.

  8. I had the best dream last night. Would you like know what it was about? I’m sure she won't care if you embellish your dream as long as the dream was about you and her. It can even be a fantasy you've had about the two of you.

  9. You know what makes me hotter than this hundred degree weather? When she asks what (you know she will), tell her it's her. You will definitely have your girlfriend blushing after sending such a flirty text question.

  10. Have I told you lately how sexy you are? Men like compliments when being flirted with, but women like them just as much as men, maybe even more. Little compliments to your girlfriend can go a long way.

A boyfriend should send fun flirty questions to his girlfriend, but if there are any boundaries she is not ready for you to cross, be careful with the sort of text questions you send her. You don't want to give your girlfriend the impression you are only after one thing.

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