10 Foods That Are Bad For You

Coming up with a list of the 10 foods that are bad for you was a pretty easy thing to do. There are so many foods that are bad for your body these days. Most foods that are bad for us are t he foods that ultimately give us the most pleasure. But these guilty pleasures cause things like diabetes and obesity. 

  1. Alcohol – Alcohol makes you gain weight. Just a 12 ounce can of beer contain 146 calories. You can gain 1.2 pounds in just a month, taking into account that you do little to no exercise. This is definitely one of the foods that are bad for you.
  2. Meat – Meat has a ton of saturated fats. A 3 ounce piece of beef has more than 300 calories and 80 mg of cholesterol. That's a lot for just a small piece of meat.
  3. Cake – Cake is definitely a food that is bad for you. We all love cake but just a small 3 ounce slice of cake has about 360 calories, half of those calories coming from fat. If you think fat-free pound cake is any better, it's not! A 3 ounce slice is still 240 calories.
  4. Chocolate – Women love to eat chocolate, especially when they have their monthly cycle. It seems women crave chocolate during that time. But a 1.5 ounce chocolate bar has 226 calories and a little less than half of those calories come from fat.
  5. Fast Food – Fast food is just bad for you…period! A regular size of French fries has 237 calories. Hotdogs contain 82% fat. 100 potato chips have a whopping 100 calories.
  6. Doughnuts – Doughnuts are among the foods that are bad for you. It is amazing how many people stop for their donut fix every morning. A regular glazed doughnut has 242 calories. And half of those calories come from fat. Not a good breakfast for the waistline.
  7. Eggs – One large hard-boiled egg contains 79 calories. That may not seem like a lot but that same egg has 216 mg of cholesterol. High cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease or stroke.
  8. Ice Cream – Just one scoop of vanilla ice cream has 250 calories. Of that, 150 calories are from fat. Instead, the mango ice cream has reduced fat, low cholesterol and low sugar.
  9. Nuts – You may be surprised to know that nuts are actually not good for weight loss. A handful of dried macadamia nuts contains 235 calories, 88% of those calories are from fat.
  10. Pies – Pies contain a lot of fat. In fact, a pecan pie has 500 calories, 45% of those calories comes from fat.
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