10 Foods That Are Easy To Digest

Searching for 10 foods that are easy to digest? Great! This article will provide you with the top ten foods that are easy to digest collected from various sources around the web. Foods that are easy on the digestive system help common problems such as heartburn, indigestion and other common health issues. One of the great thing about foods that are easy on the digestive system is that they are great for consumption before and after working out. Keep reading to find out more about the top ten foods that are easy on the digestive system!

  1. Rice. This is one of the most common foods that are easy to digest simply because it's made from grains and contain simple carbohydrates. The grain found in rice actually helps the digestive system process other foods more easily.
  2. Green Leafy Vegetables. Vegetables are another top common food that is easy to digest. Vegetables contain "ruffage" which promotes a healthy digestive system and helps clean out other foods that do not digest as well. These foods have a high amount of minerals and vitamins that are essential to beat out unhealthy fatty foods.
  3. Bananas. Many doctors recommend eating bananas when patients have a virus simply because this fruit contains enzymes which plays a crucial role in the digestive system. This is definitely one of the top ten foods that are easy on the digestive system, plus it's packed with potassium which is also beneficial for your health.
  4. Gelatin. This is given to small children and some adults that have intestinal health problems, because it actually soothes the digestive system and can calm an upset stomach. It doesn't contain any fat, oils or carbohydrates and slides right through the digestive system without any trouble.
  5. Buttered Toast. This is another food that makes the top foods that are easy to digest. Again, bread is a simple grain like rice, therefore it automatically helps the digestive system process other foods better. Using low-fat butter and toasting the bread gives it flavor and texture without too much flavor.
  6. Chicken. Not only does chicken have low saturated fats, which is easy on the digestive system, but when cooked properly, it can easily become one the the top ten foods that are easy to digest. When boiled or mixed with chicken broth, the enzymes in the chicken can soothe an upset stomach and provide any easy meal to digest. Many people with IBS eat chicken instead of other foods.
  7. Saltine Crackers. This food is highly recommend for easy digestion. Many pregnant women experience indigestion and doctors will recommend eating saltines with water. The salt gives your body potassium while the crackers are bland and made with simple carbohydrate which is easy to digest quickly.
  8. Yogurt. This food is simple to digest because it's made from cultured dairy products which contain acidophilus bacteria. This bacteria is notorious for a healthy digestive system. There are many brands of yogurt that are designed to promote healthy digestive tracts.
  9. Apple Sauce. This food is another easy to digest food that is given to small children. Because of the texture and apples grounded into the sauce, it makes for easy digestion and it provides healthy nutrients to your body at the same time.
  10. Nuts and Seeds. Nuts and seeds are full of Omega 3s which are great for every part of your body, especially the digestive system. They are packed full of protein but at the same time, they are packed with natural oils which promote a healthy digestive system. Nuts and seeds are highly recommended as one of the top ten foods that are easy to digest.
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