10 Foods That Are High In Cholesterol

If you want to live a healthy life then avoid these 10 foods that are high in cholesterol. While it’s true that there are good cholesterols that are necessary for body processes, these ten from our list are the culprits for several diseases. Most of them taste good, and there are some that we simply can’t resist. However, the key here is moderation in order to be healthy.

  1. Egg Yolk. You’ve probably heard from your nutritionists or doctors that when eating eggs, the white part is the best. What you’ve been hearing is true for egg yolks contain a high amount of cholesterol, up to 210 mg. In fact, all the cholesterol in eggs is contained in the yolks so it is included in the 10 foods that are high in cholesterol.
  2. Butter. You can’t get away with butter, for it is used in several foods that we eat, and it is one of the  10 foods that are high in cholesterol. It is used in cooking cakes, bread, vegetables, bread, and a lot more. For a table spoon of butter, this contains around 30 grams of cholesterol. How can you avoid it?Select products that are free of the harmful cholesterol and make sure that you don’t take in too much of them.
  3. Liver. Cholesterol is manufactured in the liver. Therefore, liver contains high amounts of cholesterol making it one of the 10 foods that are high in cholesterol. It is estimated that in 100 grams of liver, there are 564 mg of cholesterol there. But don’t eliminate liver from your diet for these are among the best sources of Iron.
  4. Fast Food. Some of the top foods containing cholesterol are fast food. They’re among the people’s favorites since they are tasty but other than that, they are also packed with cholesterol and calories since these are among the 10 foods that are high in cholesterol.
  5. Cheese. This is one of the best sources of calcium and protein but there are some cheeses that have high cholesterol content. If you don’t read the labels carefully, then you may be taking in one of the 10 foods that are high in cholesterol.
  6. Caviar. Caviar is one of the most delicious foods. However, there is some caviar that has too much cholesterol in them. As one of the top 10 foods that are high in cholesterol, 100 grams of which can give you around 500 mg.
  7. Shrimp. Shrimps are nothing but delicious. These however are among the top 10 foods that are high in cholesterol. But these cholesterols are not that harmful compared to those from other sources. You have to make sure that the shrimps you are eating were not from a polluted source.
  8. Processed Meats. Of course, these are the foods that are also among the top 10 foods that are high in cholesterol. That depends however on the amount of fat that was added to these during the processing. Be careful because these too are high in Sodium and calories.
  9. Dressings and Sauces. Indeed, these make the food taste even better especially if you give the dish a generous amount of dressing or sauce. However, take note that these are included in the top 10 foods that are high in cholesterol.
  10. Restaurant desserts. Even if these are very delicious, these are to be avoided since they are also part of the 10 foods that are high in cholesterol. Instead of eating these, have fruits or other healthier choices instead



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