10 Foods That Contain Calcium

If you're looking for ways to strengthen your bones, you might be interested in knowing about 10 foods that contain calcium. Calcium is best known for its importance in maintaining healthy bones, but it is also important for the nervous system and your muscles as well. The requirements for daily calcium intake varies from 210mg for babies to 1,300 mg for pregnant women.

  1. Fortified cereals. Combined with milk, fortified cereals can contain as much as 1,000 mg of calcium. Combined with non-fat milk, it can potentially fulfill your entire day's calcium intake requirement.
  2. Nonfat yogurt. Eight ounces of nonfat yogurt can deliver between 400-500 mg of calcium. Yogurt is great as a snack or part of a dessert.
  3. Sardines. In addition to being rich in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury content, three ounces of sardines has over 300 mg of calcium. In addition, it has vitamin D and protein.
  4. Non-Fat milk. One cup typically has 300 mg of calcium. Non-fat milk is an excellent and quick beverage.
  5. Cheddar cheese. You can put cheddar cheese in an omelette or sprinkle it on a salad, among many things. One and a half ounces gives you a little over 300 mg of calcium.
  6. Swiss cheese. One ounce is worth an average of 270 mg of calcium. Swiss cheese is popular for use on hamburgers.
  7. Almonds. Two ounces of almonds averages at 150 mg of calcium. Almonds are great for snacks or chopped into salads. Almond flour is also good for use in making pancakes.
  8. Black beans. Soups, chilis and salads are great uses for black beans. A single serving (one cup) offers 120 mg of calcium.
  9. Spinach. One-half a cup of spinach delivers an average of 130 mg of calcium. Spinach is also a rich source of iron and is typically used in salads.
  10. Mustard greens. Mustard greens are a popular part of a typical soul food meal. A half-cup has about 100 mg of calcium.



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