10 Foods That Contain Gluten

Here is a list of 10 foods that contain gluten. Use this list to keep yourself informed about which foods to avoid when trying to follow a gluten-free diet. Many people in the world now have decided to abstain from gluten including celiac and people with allergy and skin problems. Living on a gluten-free diet is easier than you can imagine. Use this list of goods that contain gluten when you go to the grocery store.

  1. Flour. Flour is the number one item to consider when thinking of eliminating gluten from your diet. The many flours to consider are wheat, seminola, rye and barley. Flours can be substituted with gluten-free flours such as tapioca and chickpea flours. A good combination is three parts chickpea to one part tapioca.
  2. Bread. The breads containing gluten is quite large when you think about it. Biscuits, crisp breads and pretzels to name a few. Don't forget about dinner rolls, bagels, toast, French bread, rye bread and more. Still another group of breads includes scones, breadcrumbs and muffins.
  3. Pancakes. Nothing reminds of us of breakfast like pancakes do. Pancakes are a traditional breakfast food and contain a large amount of wheat flour. But, you can make some very delicious pancakes with gluten-free flours and vegetables.
  4. Cereals. The majority of breakfast cereals contain gluten also. Cereals that are wheat-based or made from bran and other whole wheat products contain gluten. When shopping for breakfast cereals, it is always good to contact the manufacturer to be sure.
  5. Oats. Oats are considered both gluten and gluten-free depending on the processing. Years ago oats were always considered to have gluten in them, but with the new age of processing many oat products are now being offered as gluten-free.  
  6. Pasta and Couscous. Pasta include spaghetti, macaroni, couscous, lasagna noodles and spirals of course. Pasta is made with wheat and wheat contains gluten.
  7. Pizza. Yes, pizza contains gluten as all pizza dough is made from wheat flour. There are some specialty recipes for gluten-free pizza dough, but they are very rare. When avoiding gluten, you must add pizza to the list.
  8. Bouillon Cubes. Surprisingly enough, even bouillon cubes contain wheat. For a diet in which gluten is not desired, try making your own homemade broths. Homemade broth is quite easy to make with many vegetables and your choice of fresh meats. Never use processed meat as many processed meats contain gluten as well.
  9. Gravy. It is impossible to make gravy without flour for thickening. So gravy is indeed a food that contains gluten. Tapioca flour may be used for thickening, but it is not as delicious as using wheat flour. Even simple broth gravy must use flour.
  10. Brownies, Cookies and Cakes. All brownies, cakes and cookies contain gluten unless they are specially noted at the bakery as being made from gluten-free ingredients. Wheat flour is the basis for all sweets, so check the labels carefully.
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