10 Foods That Digest Fast

Learn all about 10 foods that digest fast. Your digestion depends on many things and learning about proper food combinations can lead to having perfect digestion. The ten foods in this article are just a sampling of the many foods available for fast digestion. The key to perfect digestion is choosing fresh, organic foods that follow the rules of combinations.

  1. Melons. Melons should always be eaten alone and never in combination with other foods. Melons are the only food that should be eaten alone, and they are very high in water content. Also, realize that melons can rot very quickly in your stomach and for this reason, they should be eaten alone and not after any other food.
  2. Apples. Few dieters realize the very important value of apples. Apples are used in all cleanses from liver to kidney cleanings, and they have a high water content. All liver cleanses require the consumption of apple juice for two to four days prior to the cleanse, and there are even some very valuable apple cleansing diets with nothing but apples. Let apples be one of the ten fastest digesting foods on your list.
  3. Oranges. Oranges are associated with fasting, and many dieters have used the orange fast as a way of cleansing their body. According to Dr. William Howard Hay, orange juice fasting is one of the best ways to get rid of toxins, and yes, it is indeed a food to be added for fast digestion.
  4. Grapes. Grapes are high in water, and many will remember the very famous grape cleanse. The grape cleanse was used for purification of the body and as a cancer cure.  Although some have doubted its authenticity, none can deny the grape’s ability to be digested quickly.
  5. Bananas. Now, who doesn’t love bananas? Bananas will take longer than most water based fruits to be digested, and it contains more sugar; yet, it is a fast digesting fruit. Bananas will take one hour to digest, but compared to meat which takes four hours, we must still consider bananas on our top ten fast digesting foods.
  6. Mono Foods. The other way to have fast digesting foods is to eat a mono diet. Whether bananas or grapes or oranges. Eat a diet with one food for the entire day. A good mono diet is oranges one day and bananas the next. Another way around this is oranges for breakfast and bananas or pears for lunch.
  7. Milk. Again, when looking for fast digesting foods, look for liquids. Milk is a fast digesting food, and the best milk is raw goat’s milk. Raw goat’s milk is the closest to mother’s breast milk. When considering raw milk, remember to bring the raw milk to a boil for one minute to remove any bacteria and toxins. Raw milk should only be in the refrigerator for three days. Raw milk can be frozen and placed in small bags and defrosted as needed.
  8. Soups. There are many soups that are fast digesting foods, and those would mainly be vegetarian type soups. Avoid heavy creams, cheese, meat and protein soups. Look for clear broth and vegetable soups.
  9. Dark Green Veggies. The best veggies are the ones which are dark green and contain lots of vitamins, such as kale, Swiss chard, spinach and romaine lettuce. Iceberg lettuce is very fast digesting as it is mainly water. Iceberg lettuce has little or no nutritional value, though.
  10. Food Combinations. Proper food combining means that sour fruit should not be eaten with sweet fruit. So, do not eat bananas and oranges together. Eat bananas and then one half hour later, eat the orange. Do not eat proteins with carbs. Do not eat meat with rice, but eat meat with veggies. Eat rice with veggies, and never eat rice and potatoes in the same meal.
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