10 Foot Massage Tips

Master these 10 foot massage tips, and your special lady will be yours forever! Learning to give your wife or girlfriend a great foot massage can do wonders for your relationship. Most women love to have their feet massaged. But some feet can be ticklish, so use care. If you’re not exactly sure what to do, consider the following tips and tricks.

  1. Set the mood for the foot massage. Set the mood with soft music, candles and some chocolates, particularly if you want the foot massage to lead to something else. This will take her mind off other things and help her enjoy the experience more. Rest her legs on a soft pillow and her feet on a towel, to catch excess water and massage oil or lotion.
  2. Make her a warm footbath. A warm footbath is a good place to start a foot massage, as it will soften her feet and help her relax. Start with a large bowl of warm water. Add slices from half a lime. Rest her feet in the water, and gently scrub the bottom of her feet with the other half of the lime.
  3. Caress her legs and feet with water. Soak a hand towel in the footbath. Hold the wet towel above her knee and let the water drip over her calves and feet. Do this a few times, allowing the warm water to delight her senses. Pat her legs and feet with a warm, dry towel.
  4. Begin a warm-up to the foot massage. Holding one of her feet in your hands, gently rotate her ankles clockwise. Then rotate them counterclockwise. Rotate each toe in the same manner, gently pulling on each one. Repeat the warm-up with the other foot.
  5. Apply oil or lotion to her feet. A great foot massage uses good scented oils or lotions. You can give your lady a foot massage without them, but oils and lotions help your hands glide over her skin better. Be sure to warm the fragrant oil or lotion in your hands before massaging her feet.
  6. Massage the soles, sides, and top of her feet. After applying oil or lotion, massage the soles of her feet with your thumbs. Move your thumbs in a semicircle motion over the balls of her feet. Then slide your thumbs up and down along the sides of her feet, until you reach the heels. Finally, move your attention to the top of her feet, sliding your fingers along the length of each foot.
  7. Apply pressure to avoid tickling her feet. Many women have ticklish feet, triggered by a light, feathery touch. A great foot massage implements deep, hard pressure to work out all the knots. A deeper massage is more sensual, as well.
  8. Watch her and listen to her reactions. A foot massage is designed to address a woman’s needs and desires. Watch her carefully and listen to her reactions. Her response will let you know if something hurts, or when it’s time to move on.
  9. Massage her toes. Don’t neglect the toes during a foot massage. Use a light touch while massaging each toe, as too much pressure can hurt. Gently rub your fingers around and between the toes, so you touch each part of her feet.
  10. Massage her ankles and lower legs. A good foot massage does not end with the feet. Massage her ankles, using a careful touch around the Achilles tendon. Apply a little more massage oil or lotion, and continue working her shins and calves to relieve stress and give her pleasure.
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