10 Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Everyone knows that tattoos are cool and that tattoos you can see are even cooler, so here are 10 forearm tattoo ideas! Forget about spending way too much dough on an ink that no one will ever see because forearm tattoos are out and on display for the entire world's viewing pleasure. The only thing you have to worry about now is what to get permanently embedded on your exposed body part. You only have two chances to get it right, so don't blow it!

  1. Anchor The oh-so-classic forearm tattoo idea loved by sailors and vagabonds alike. What's more manly than literally wearing an adventurous anchor on your sleeve? If Popeye the Sailor did it, so can you!
  2. Celtic cross Show off your blatant Irish spirit with an equally blatant Celtic cross design decorating your forearm. This forearm tattoo idea has been embraced by more than a few people, so chances are you'll make a few friends sporting this one while out drinking. The more the merrier!
  3. Skull If the tough guy thing is more up your alley, chances are the skull forearm tattoo idea is probably somewhere up there as well. Add a few flames and maybe a spider or two and you'll be the baddest mother on the block! Just make sure you know how to defend yourself if someone happens to call your bluff!
  4. Heart While the heart may not seem to be the most "masculine" of forearm tattoo ideas, it is a classic way to publicly express your undying love for someone or something without being a metrosexual or whatever they call it. "Mom," your wife's name, the name of your dead dog–either one you want to adorn your arm with the classic heart imprint is up to you.
  5. Connect the dots This forearm tattoo idea may not win you any "tough" points, but it's surely a great way to pick up hipster chicks at a bar! What kind of woman wouldn't want to be invited to do little art on your skin? It's an excellent opener!
  6. Grim reaper Grim reapers are badass. If you want to be a real badass, get a full color photo of a realistic grim reaper tattooed on your forearm. It's like a fantasy scene from the side of van, only a lot cooler because it's on your arm!
  7. Pin-up girl Quite possibly the most classic forearm tattoo idea around, the pin-up girl has been decorating forearms since your grandpa was old enough to get inked. If you're into the classic American tattoo style, you can't go wrong with a good looking pin-up girl on your arm.
  8. Rose The rose is another one of those forearm tattoo ideas that may not necessarily be the most "manly," but it's definitely worth its weight in classiness. This is like the ballroom dance of tattoos. A fancy dinner, a bit of dancing, maybe a nice suit and a rose on your forearm.
  9. Foreign characters Whether Chinese, Japanese, Greek or whatever, foreign characters will never go out of style. A good tattoo made up of foreign characters will never go out of style and makes an elegant enhancement to any forearm. It also works as a great conversation piece because the ladies just can't resist asking what it means!
  10. Antlers Antlers make a great addition anywhere and they look especially good tattooed on forearms. Just make sure you get them done photo realistically because antlers that look like they belong in a "Garfield" comic strip don't belong anywhere on your body! Seriously, you have no idea how many tattoo artists think cartoon antlers look cool!
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