10 Fourth Date Tips

A list of ten fourth date tips can certainly come in handy. You see, by the time you get to the fourth date with somebody, there is a certain amount of familiarity. You begin to know the other person pretty well, and you start feel extremely comfortable. While this is all good, there is a certain danger of becoming too comfortable and assuming too much. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that once they reach the fourth date everything is smooth sailing. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth; and to ensure continued dating success, it is wise to follow a few fourth date tips and advice. 

  1. Give the fourth date the same amount of preparation as you would the very first date. Your date wants to be assured of the fact that you will continue to give them focus and attention. So, make sure you continually make an effort to plan a special evening. 
  2. Manners are still a high priority. Make sure you are still paying special attention to your manners. This includes no farting or picking of the nose. It may be hard, but those habits should not be brought out until after a year or so of dating. 
  3. Understand that you are making a commitment. No, this does not mean that you have to be in an exclusive, committed relationship. Just understand that if you are going out with someone for the fourth time, things are beginning to get serious. If this is something that scares you, then perhaps a fourth date is not such a good idea. 
  4. Plan a very special evening. By the time you get to the fourth date, you know the person pretty well. So, try to make it a very special evening by incorporating things you know about the person. For instance, you could cook them a dinner of their favorite foods. 
  5. Continue to take it slow. Do not rush the relationship. Do not scare your date off by talking about serious commitment issues. A fourth date does not mean you are getting married, it just means that you have an interest. 
  6. Do not pressure for sexual contact. Not everyone is ready to drop their pants after one or two dates. So even if it is the fourth date, do not be certain that you are going to get lucky. You have to respect everyone’s own desires and wishes. 
  7. Try to go for the kiss. Okay, while sex does not have to be a priority, you should at least be ready for a kiss. This does not mean that you have to kiss; it just means that the other person may be expecting one.
  8. Be respectful. Do not talk about other past girlfriends or boyfriends unless asked. Do not brag about past sexual exploits. This only serves to make others uncomfortable.
  9. Practice good listening skills. You want to make sure that you continue to get to know your date well, so make sure show interest in the conversation and genuinely listen.
  10. Keep the mood light and funny. Do not be afraid to make jokes. Do not let the atmosphere get too serious. Make fun of yourself, make witty observations; just be funny.
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