10 Fox Hunting Tips

Don’t let your efforts go to waste on your hunting; use these 10 fox hunting tips to ensure a successful outing. With foxes being fast and cunning, it wouldn’t be that easy to get them. You’re going to have to be keener and more alert than the foxes for you to be able to get your trophy animal.

  1. You need to go fox hunting during the right time of the year, during the months of March, April and June to September. You won’t find any foxes during off season since they are on hibernation, so it would be a waste of time if you go hunting.
  2. There are certain areas where foxes are abundant, so it would be better to head there. You can go to the South such as South Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky. Here you can find an abundance of foxes so it will really be fun hunting them.
  3. Be prepared to spend when you want to go fox hunting. It’s not as cheap as you think, for you can spend up to $10,000 during the hunting season.
  4. You have to choose the right weapon to use when fox hunting. You should be comfortable with the weapon so that you will be able to make a perfect shot. You can either have rifles or shot guns, depending on what you prefer.
  5. You should know how to make calls so that you will attract foxes. The type of call you should use should be similar to that of an animal in distress, such as a rabbit’s since this will surely make a fox come out in the open.
  6. Foxes have sharp vision so you have to use an effective camouflage. You’ll need one from head to toe,  including a face mask so that you will not drive the foxes away.
  7. Hunt foxes during the low light times of the day, since these are the times when they come out. Go out there during the early morning or late afternoon, and you will surely spot some of them.
  8. Just like in deer hunting, you have to be aware of wind direction. If you are not careful, the foxes can detect your scent, and will run away before you spot them.
  9. Shoot the fox on the chest area, since this is the best target for it to be down easily. Aim for the front of the fox, since its heart is located at the lower part.
  10. Practice shooting before you go out there fox hunting. You have to master using your gun, since as what was mentioned above, foxes are very fast, and are very cunning.
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