10 Freaky Sex Tips


Every blue blooded male likely has their own 10 freaky sex tips. Those who are willing to take risks in the bedroom are more likely to please their partners. Below are some tips that are certain to leave both partners extremely satisfied.

  1. Have anal sex. Important note: Not every women is into anal sex. Before plugging your Johnson into her starfish, start out with just a finger. If you both decide to take the next step, be sure to use plenty of lubrication. An additional sex tip: While pumping her backside, be sure to reach around and stimulate her clitoris. When she reaches orgasm, her anal muscles will tighten, increasing the sensation for each or you.
  2. Tape yourselves. Not only is having sex in front of a camera (or other video equipment) fun and freaky, it allows you both to critique yourselves. Be careful though because the criticism should be constructive and not intended to insult your partner.
  3. Masturbate in front of each other. There is something extremely freaky about getting yourself off while watching your partner do the same. Be sure to observe her sexy expressions and sensual body movements so you can time your orgasm with hers. After you each climax, position yourselves into the 69 and slowly lick away each others’ juices.
  4. Insert a finger in her vagina while giving her orals sex. Sucking and licking the clitoris may be enough to bring your girl to orgasm; stimulating her vagina can turn a simple climax into the toe-curling variety. When inserting your fingers into her vagina (best to use only one or two), be sure to spend time on her G-spot, which is located about two inches on the upper wall of her canal.
  5. Tie her up and blindfold her. If you’re looking to get extremely freaky, tie or handcuff your partner to the bedpost and blindfold her. This allows you to subject her to a variety of sexual pleasures. An important tip: Do everything slowly, sensually and be unpredictable. Leaving her guessing your next move will further stimulate her, leading to a more pleasurable orgasm.
  6. Have her stand on her head during oral. Of all the freaky sex tips, this is the most dangerous. Have her do a handstand. When in position, support her around the waist and do your thing. Being upside down will cause her to experience a head rush, which, combined with the oral sex, will result in one of her most intense orgasms ever.
  7. Pull her by her hair while doing her doggy style. Nothing screams “freaky” like grabbing your partner’s hair during sex. The best time to give a friendly yank  is during the doggy style position. Be sure to do it randomly, yet gently enough where she will be surprisingly aroused as opposed to turned off and upset.
  8. Spank her while she is riding you. While having sex while your partner’s on top, slowly reach around and give her butt a quick, firm slap. Be sure to spend equal time on each of her cheeks and be random. Meanwhile, slapping both at the same time as she reaches orgasm will send her over the edge. Just the look on her face each time your hand strikes her flesh will intensify your own orgasm.
  9. Cover her private area with hickey art. If she has not already done so, have her shave her entire pubic region. As you go down on her, start biting and sucking on the area where her hair once grew. Not only will the biting and sucking sensations feel good to her, it allows you to create some exotic bodily hickey designs.
  10. Insert a small ice cube into her vagina. When warm meets cool it creates a wonderful sensation. Start by inserting a small ice cube into her vagina. Then have sex with her in a position of choice. After exploding inside her, the warmth of your semen, combined with the ice, is sure to give her an orgasm to remember.
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