10 Freestyle Skiing Tips

Getting 10 freestyle skiing tips before hitting the slopes can be the difference between a great day in the snow and a trip to the hospital. The extreme sport can be dangerous and is not to be tried by the uniformed beginner. The acrobatic type moved used in freestyle skiing require practice and professional instruction is recommended.

  1. Learn to ski. An important freestyle skiing tip right off the bat is learn to ski. Before attempting freestyle tricks, the athlete needs to learn the basics of navigation, stopping and starting. Enlist the assistance of a instructor to get off on the right foot and assure your ski foundations are firm.
  2. Get the proper gear. On the list of freestyle skiing tips to follow, getting the proper gear ranks highly. Extreme skiing is often done in extreme conditions and having the proper jacket, pants, goggle and gloves can actually save your life.
  3. Learn the lingo. To understand your instructor, you will need to know the lingo of the sport. This freestyle ski tip will assist you in keeping up with your lessons without asking too many questions.
  4. Start slow. A freestyle skiing tip to take to heart, do not attempt high risk or advanced skill tricks in the beginning. Broken bones are often the result of such actions.  
  5. Get a partner. Take this freestyle skiing tip to find a friend. Learning as a pair can improve safety levels. A friend can also keep you motivated in the learning phase of the sport.
  6.  Watch other skiers. Before you decide to take on learning a trick, watch others perform the maneuver. Some tricks will interest you will others will not. This freestyle skiing tip can save you time and effort of learning a stunt you do not like.
  7. Be healthy. A freestyle skiing tip that at first may seem unrelated is to watch what you eat. The sport requires an extreme amount of energy and your body needs the proper nutrition to react appropriately.
  8. Stretch before working out. Freestyle skiing tip number eight deals with safety. Stretching your muscles prior to any sport will assist in preventing injuries. Extreme sports call for extreme safety measures.
  9. Stay within your limits. A freestyle skiing tip that might save your life is to only attempt tricks or stunts your have learned under proper supervision. Trying to show off on the slopes can lead to injury and even death.
  10. Practice. The final, and most important freestyle skiing tip is to practice. Each new stunt requires an extreme amount of practice to perfect. Take the time to learn the stunt properly and practice until perfection.
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