10 Friend Gift Ideas

If you are out of ideas, think about getting your friend one of these 10 friend gift ideas. It can be frustrating to think of perfect friend gift ideas. If you have some true friends, you will want to get them one of the ten best friend gift ideas. Getting your friends cool gifts will show them that you appreciate their friendship.

  1. Tools. A tool is a great gift for a friend that likes to do projects by himself. For friends that have homes, home tools are a good choice. For friends who like to work on cars, mechanical tools are a good idea. Tools are a great gift, because a guy can never have too many tools.
  2. GPS. A GPS system is a good gift idea for guys who travel different places on long distances. This can be a gift for a friend who has to travel for work. It is also good for a people who like to take fun road trips.
  3. Alcohol. If your friend is a drinker, then alcohol is a great gift. For bourbon drinkers a fifth of Jim Beam will do the trick. Beer drinkers are usually excited by a case of their favorite beer.
  4. Gift Certificate to a Sports Bar. Most guys like going to the sports bar to watch a big game A gift certificate to a sports bar is a great gift that you can share with a friend. When you give your friend this gift tell him that you want to make it a guy's night out at the bar.
  5. Magazine Subscription. With this gift for a friend, you can personalized it to their taste. For example if your friend loves sports you can get him a sports magazine. If your friend loves looking at women, you can get him a subscription to playboy.
  6. Personalized Licensed Plate. A personalized license plate can have your friend's name on it. With this gift for a friend, you could also have their nick name or favorite saying on it. Another idea for the personalized license plate is to give them a license plate with their favorite sports team on it.
  7. Bluray Player. Any movie buff would love to get a bluray player. An added benefit of getting a friend a bluray player as a gift is that your friend will be able to play all of his old DVDs in the player. Bluray players come in a wide variety of prices, but if your friend doesn't already have one, he will probably like whichever one you chose to get him.
  8. Games. If your friend has gaming systems, then games are good gifts for this friend. To save money on this gift, look on the Internet to see if you can buy used games. Some gaming stores also sell used games for much cheaper than they cost new.
  9. Flat Screen Television. Your friend is sure to be pleasantly surprised if you get him a flat screen television. This might sound like an an extravagant gift to get a friend, but flat screen televisions have dramatically decreased in price over the last few years. If your friend already has a flat screen television, you could get him a smaller one for his garage or bedroom.
  10. Car Stereo. An awesome stereo system for their vehicle is something almost every guys wants. This is another item that you can get much cheaper if you buy it used. Besides the Internet, pawn shops are good places to look for used car stereos.
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