10 Fringe Benefits Of Becoming A Chef

Those who wish to become a chef may be interested to know at least 10 fringe benefits of becoming  a chef. While every occupation comes with its own set of fringe benefits, they each have specific categories that they excel at. Despite the pay range, knowing the ten fringe benefits of becoming a chef may make the difference between a devotion to that particular occupation and a reconsideration of future career goals.

  1. Unlimited creativity. One of the fringe benefits of becoming a chef is that they are able to create their own dishes and use them as promotions or specials. This gives the chef plenty of room and reason to experiment with different recipes and foods.
  2. Unlimited eating options. What other job offers the employee a chance to eat whatever they want? Who knows the menu better than the chef? Of course, wanting to make sure the food is appealing to the customer is always a great excuse to have a meal that will wake the taste buds up.
  3. Nutritional information. A well educated chef knows what they are working with. One of the fringe benefits of becoming a chef includes knowing the details of the nutrients in the food they are eating. If anyone knows how to eat healthy, it's a chef!
  4. Exclusive domain. The only person a chef can't  tell to get out of their kitchen is the owner of the kitchen. If the owner has any sense, they'll stay out of the kitchen to ensure pleasing their chef! This may be one of the best fringe benefits of becoming a chef because it offers the control of being like a business owner without the hassles.
  5. Respect. Even the owner of the restaurant doesn't get as much respect as the chef. The chef is the artist of the facility. Often, the owners are simply considered to be the backers of the chef.
  6. Solitude. Though a chef may work with many people, they are often loners. Their very profession is based on their own personal knowledge and skills. Chef's are not  known for a forgiving temper and are often given plenty of space so that others can avoid getting the brunt of that temper.
  7. High income potential. A well respected chef is no fry cook. They are educated and talented and as such, are well compensated for their time by restaurant owners that expect only the best from those they employ.
  8. Fame. While some people go to a restaurant simply based on the name or clientele of the restaurant, there are those customers who go because they know they can rely on the chef for a well developed meal to please their palate.
  9. Joy. A chef is an artist of sorts. They tend to take pride in their work and enjoy what they do. A job isn't really work if you love what you do. This has to rank up there as one of the most sought after fringe benefits of becoming a chef.
  10. Endless career growth. While many fields of employment tend to lean toward hiring a younger generation, a chef's career has nothing to do with their age.  In point of fact, an older chef tends to have more experience and a well developed following. Customers may actually grieve when a chef leaves rather than being excited about the replacement for the chef. As one of the fringe benefits of becoming a chef, this person can look forward to demanding retirement instead of being pushed into it.
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