10 Frugal Cell Phone Tips

If you are look to save money, here are 10 frugal cell phone tips. Saving money on your cell phone starts when you are considering both a phone and a plan. Yet, even if you already have your phone, there are ways that you can save money.

  1. Go with prepaid at a company that charges ten cents per minute or less if you do not use your cell phone often. Although prepaid phones can be money snatchers, if you don't use your phone often, they can really save you money. It's especially important if you really only have your phone for emergencies or so that work can reach you when needed.
  2. Before signing up with a prepaid program, make sure that minutes carry over for at least a year and that there is no monthly minimum required. Avoid signing up with any company that charges more than 10 cents per minute.
  3. Disable text messages. If someone text messages you but you don't have a text message plan in place you'll be charged for the text messages at a high rate. This can add up if you have friends who like to send out mass texts. If you don't use it yourself, make sure it's disabled.
  4. Keep track of your minutes, whether you have to write it in a journal or keep track of it elsewhere. You're far less likely to exceed your minutes if you keep track of it.
  5. Go with a realistic plan for you. Many people try to skimp on plans, going with lower minutes than they typically use, then they can spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) in overage charges. Instead, be realistic before you sign up for your plan. It's much more cheaper to pay $20 extra for month for the accurate amount of minutes you use, rather than pay hundreds in overage fees.
  6. Try to keep personal calls to nights and weekends when possible. For most people, this makes sense, anyway, since business and work happens during the nine to five hours.
  7. Be aware of when "nighttime" minutes start for your company. Different companies have a different idea of this. If your cell phone company starts nighttime minutes at 9 p.m., you don't want to be making all of your calls at 8:30 or earlier.
  8. Consider getting on a family plan with truly trusted friends. A family plan can save you hundreds of dollars per year. However, this must be done only with people who you truly trust, as your credit could be impacted, or theirs could, if someone skimps on the bill or gets in a tight spot.
  9. Keep cell phone conversations short and in-person conversations long. You never want someone to feel as though they are being rushed off the phone, but you can give personalized attention in person. Most people don't enjoy the phone quite as much as you think, anyway, and will likely be thankful for the easy way off the call, until you can really spend time together in person.
  10. Use programs like Skype and Google voice when you're at home or at the office. This will save your cell phone minutes for when you're on the go.


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