10 Frugal Ideas For Valentine’s Day

These 10 frugal ideas for Valentine’s Day are great ways to show you care on a budget. It doesn’t take money to make someone feel special. The most important part of any Valentine's Day surprise is that you care enough to take the time and effort to think of something unique just for for Valentine.

  1. Teddy bears Most large discount department stores sell teddy bears with the year embroidered on them. Give her one of these bears and promise her many more bears to come. After a few years she will have quite a collection. It gives you an easy way out every Valentine’s Day.
  2. Chocolate Craft stores sell meltable chocolate in assorted colors and have a large selection of molds. You can make your names in chocolate in her favorite colors. Give them to her in a nice gift box. She will love the fact that you put in the time to make her something.
  3. Flowers Give her a rosebush or small tree which can be planted in the yard. The two of you can plant it together. It is something that will last and grow, unlike flowers that will die in a couple of days.
  4. Photograph The photo studios at the discount department stores normally have inexpensive photo packages. Have pictures taken of the two of you together. Get a nice frame and give her a framed picture of the two of you. Don’t forget to put one in your wallet for an extra, added touch.
  5. Customizable games You can pick up games at thrift stores or yard sales for cheap. Change parts of the games to suit your needs. For example, get Monopoly and print out new chance cards and instructions to make the game a little racier. Instead of paying rent for landing on property, make it a game of strip monopoly. Scrabble can consist of spelling out body parts or sexual acts. With some thought and a little doctoring, most games can be made to an R-rating.
  6. Love coupons A booklet of love coupons will be warmly received and will cost you nothing. You can make the coupons yourself for things like a foot rub or a home-cooked meal. If you don't have the creativity, there are a number of websites with a variety of printable coupons to choose from.
  7. Balloons Get some clear, red balloons. On small pieces of paper write a reason why you love her or something you love about her. Put the pieces of paper into the balloons before you blow them up. You can also include a piece of candy or small trinket. Blow up the balloons and present them to her in a bouquet. Have her pop the balloons throughout the night.
  8. Paper hearts Cut out a bunch of hearts from construction paper. Write memorable moments from your relationship on each heart. Jot down how you two met or something funny that happened on vacation. Hang them from string over the dinner table or maybe above the bed. Make it look like it is raining hearts.
  9. Photo booth photographs Make three signs: one that says “I,” one with “LOVE” and one with “YOU” printed on them. Or just, "Happy," "Valentine's" and "Day," if you would rather. Go to the photo booths that print out the strips of pictures. In the first picture, hold up the “I” sign, then followed by the “LOVE” sign and the “YOU” sign. There are usually four pictures on a strip, so the last picture is up to you. You will end up with a sweet strip of pictures to show her how you feel.  
  10. Get crafty Get a large pickle jar. One of the big industrial-sized jars. Make sure it is clean. Paint and decorate the jar however you want. Fill the jar with love notes, song lyrics, pictures and anything else that you can think of that shows your affection. Anytime she needs a lift, she can reach into the jar and pull out one of your offerings to lighten her mood. You can replenish the jar every now and then with things you find.



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