10 Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

These 10 full sleeve tattoo ideas should inspire you as you consider which design is best for you. This beautiful body art has come a long way from the early days when tattoos were mostly religious symbols. Now there are endless designs to choose from and they can adorn nearly every body part. Your full sleeve tattoo will be with you forever, so you will want to make the right choices. Following are ten full sleeve tattoo ideas for you to consider.

  1. Tribal Full Sleeve Tattoo. The first of our ten full sleeve tattoo ideas is popular because of the bold lines of the black ink it utilizes. Tribal tattoos cover a large portion of the arm at and look fantastic even at a distance. Famous tribal tattoo styles include Polynesian, Samoan and Hawaiian.
  2. Japanese Full Sleeve Tattoo. Another full sleeve tattoo idea is the Japanese design. The designs are popular because of their symbolism and beauty. Japanese tattoos never seem to go out of style. Some examples of Japanese tattoos are koi fish, samurai and cherry blossoms. 
  3.  Flames. These designs can be intensely colorful and fill up your arm very effectively. Often, other elements and designs can be incorporated into a flame tattoo.
  4. Lotus Flower Full Sleeve. These tattoos work well on different areas of the body. They are also full of vibrant colors, and lotus flowers can cover smaller tattoos that you no longer want to showcase.
  5. Floral Pattern Full Sleeve. This full sleeve tattoo idea would be perfect for a woman. Floral tattoos can be very delicate and feminine to complement a woman's more slender structure.
  6. Celtic Knotwork Sleeve Tattoo. This design is world famous for its interwoven patterns. More complex Celtic knotwork tattoos can be wrapped around the entire arm. Consider a graceful Celtic cross, knot or spiral tattoo.
  7. Biomechanical Sleeve. These tattoos are often creatures or machines. They are usually done in black and gray shades to resemble machines and robotic parts.
  8. Angel Sleeve Tattoo. The angel sleeve will surely be one of your most striking and beautiful choices. They can be both simple and sophisticated. This is a favorite on our list of full sleeve tattoo ideas.
  9. Aztec Sleeve Tattoo. Next on our list of ten full sleeve tattoo ideas is the Aztec tattoo. These designs are literally hundreds of years old, and they can depict goddesses, nature or animals.
  10. Finally, you can create your own unique design. The full sleeve tattoo design that you choose can reflect your own tastes and interests. Think of favorite events, movies or super heroes and go from there. 

These are your ten full sleeve tattoo ideas. Hopefully you have gotten some good ideas about the sort of full sleeve tattoo you would like. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting your full sleeve tattoo design. Whether the design is of your own choosing, or taken from our list of ten full sleeve tattoo ideas, the more well-informed you are, the easier your choice should be.

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