10 Fun Activities For Couples

If your relationship has lost its pizzazz, or if you are bored, you can put a spark in your relationship with these 10 fun activities for couples. Some are for indoors, some for outdoors. Break away from that television and start enjoying some time with your partner by trying some of these.

  1. Play games. You can enjoy one another while playing card games, board games and video games. The interaction should be playful and not seriously competitive. The idea is to have fun with each other, not get into an argument about the game. Be playful and flirtatious with one another while playing a game and you may soon be putting it away sooner than you thought.
  2. Go out together. Go to a movie, a restaurant, a concert, a museum, the opera, or a special activity that is in town like a festival, carnival or fair. Sharing new and fun things together can make you feel closer because you have had a new experience together.
  3. Attend or throw a party. Have a party and invite a few friends and family over for drinks, conversation and games. Or, have a dinner party and work together to prepare the food. Teamwork is always good for any two people. This is one of the fun activities for couples that will lift you up and your guests as well.
  4. Exercise. Most people could use more exercise. Go for walks and do workouts together. If you are both overweight, go on a diet together. By doing this you can motivate and inspire each other. This will create accountability to one another.
  5. Learn something new. Learn to do something together like play a musical instrument or a hobby like painting. You could also attend a college class together. There are also a lot of learning groups and counseling groups that provide fun activities for couples and enlighten them. This will give you the feeling of 'being in this together.'
  6. Work around the house. Take care of the yard or grow a garden together. You could also do home improvements. This will get you together out of the house and give each of you a sense of accomplishment. When it comes to working around the house there are always activities for couples.
  7. Romance. Find ways to spice up your love life in general and in the bedroom. You could watch adult movies, play adult games, or participate in other adult activities for couples. A good sex life is important to maintaining a romantic relationship because it increases the intimacy in the relationship.
  8. Visit local attractions. Go to the zoo, have a picnic in the park, walk on some hiking trails or visit historic landmarks. This will give you a feeling of 'we did something different together today'. Doing things together increases the feeling of companionship.
  9. Go for a drive. Take a drive to a nearby town that you have never visited. Get familiar with the town, have lunch and make a day of it. This will give you something different to do and a sense of exploration. Once you start exploring, it may continue when you get back home.
  10. Stay in a hotel. Get out of the house and check into a nearby hotel together. Getting into a different atmosphere is one of the ten fun activities for couples that can do a lot to breathe life into relationship. Being in an atmosphere like a nice hotel can bring a lot of fun as you explore the hotel and your room. It can also be quite sexy because it is a place where you have never been together intimately.
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