10 Fun And Easy Sex Positions

You want to change up the routine between the sheets with out having to be a gymnast, but don’t know where to start in finding fun and easy sex positions—try using one of these 10 easy sex positions the next time you want to impress her, and don’t worry, you will look like a pro since none of them are hard.

  1. Missionary  Lay her on her back while you slip between her legs, place a hand on each side of her head and leverage your hips right at hers and take the lead. The pace and depth is up to you which makes this the easiest sex position to try.
  2. Spooning Both of you lay on your sides, with her back curled into your chest, while her butt snuggles into your hips.  This position allows your hand to explore and offer double the pleasure.
  3. Doggie  She will be on her hands and knees with you on your knees behind her.  Grip her hips and let the both of you rock in a steady rhythm. This offers the deepest penetration.
  4. Upside down T  Flip her back over onto her back while you stay in the same position up on your knees.  Let her legs slip up over your shoulders, or bend them at the knee with her feet against your chest. Both positions offer deep penetration.
  5. Seated Fun Grab a chair and have a seat, while she places a knee on each side of your hips.  From this position she can bounce up and down on her knees, letting you sit back and enjoy the ride.
  6. On the Edge Another fun and easy position has you sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide apart with her sitting on your lap, legs wrapped around your hips.  Reach out and grab her hips guiding her up and down between your parted legs while she places her hands on to your shoulders. Her clitoris connects with your pelvis bone in this position giving double pleasure.
  7. Office Quickie The next easy position to try is laying her flat on your desk, with her butt up against the edge and you standing between her legs.  Reach out and grab her legs or hips, thrusting to your own pace. No desk? Try the kitchen table.
  8. Standing Stiff Try placing her back against the wall, you standing close between her legs while one of hers comes up to rest on your hip.  Reach down and grab her leg to help her keep it up with your other hand against the wall for leverage.  This position works great in the shower as well.  Another position you can try using the wall for requires you to be standing with your back against it this time.  Lift her off the ground, her legs wrapping around your hips while you drop and raise her as quickly as your arms will allow, but don’t drop her!
  9. Cowboy, Cowgirl  Have her squat down on her feet placing her hands against your chest to steady herself.  She can bounce at her own pace while you enjoy the view.  Now have her facing away from you but still straddling your hips.  Her hands against the bed or gripping onto your legs for support,  she will rock back and forth while your hands are free to grip her luscious hips.  
  10. 69, Please 69 is an easy position that gets forgotten too often. You can lay flat on your back, her on her hands and knees with a knee on each side of your head bent over your body. If you feel more comfortable being on top then reverse this position.  You can also both lay on your sides, head to feet, in a mix of limbs. This allows both of you to control the power and movement giving a whole new meaning to the expression “tasty experience.”

No matter which positions you decide to try, let your bodies relax into them finding a rhythm of your own.  There are so many fun and easy sex positions, everyone can have a few ideas to share and explore with, finding the ones that work best.  

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