10 Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Finding fun yet cheap date ideas doesn't have be difficult, heres 10 fun cheap date ideas right here. By using a little creativity and imagination, every day activities can turn into some of the most fun dates ever experienced. It's not the amount of money spent on a date, it's the amount of fun your girl has.
  1. Pick the right place. Visit a local orchard and spend the afternoon picking apples before stopping in for some doughnuts and apple cider. Bonus to the visit is having a bag full of apples for future use.
  2. Be a tourist. Visit a nearby town and window shop. Stop in at a local museum or historical building. Most of these have free tours or require a nominal fee. Learn the area's history and have fun.
  3. Go for a ride. Take a bike ride at a new park or destination. Stop and enjoy nature or take it slow while getting some easy exercise. Bring along some snacks or a light picnic lunch to complete the fun and cheap date.
  4. Follow the music. Throughout the summer months many local parks offer free music concerts. Granted not big popular music acts, but jazz can be soothing and romantic. So head on out to the park for some lively, cheap fun when on a date.
  5. Stop and smell the roses. Search for a local botanical garden. Full of wonderful scents, beautiful greenery and flowers and a great place to enjoy a cheap and fun date.
  6. Be a kid again. Dig out the old board games enjoyed while growing up. Play Monopoly but make up new rules. Play Battleship and laugh. Don't forget the Twister game for hours of enjoyment.
  7. Play around. Visit a local park or playground. Swing, slide and merry-go-round. Laugh at the adventure of being young again. Playgrounds are great places for fun cheap dates. Besides playing on the equipment, hours of laying on the grass or blanket can amount to fun talks and playful moments.
  8. Test your skills. Go miniature golfing, play Frisbee, go bowling or find a pool hall. All ideas are fun and cheap for a date. Relax and have a good time. Don't make it a competition, make it pleasurable and enjoyable.
  9. Play movie host. Rent a movie or two, stock up on some popcorn and chocolate and sit back for a full feature presentation in the comforts of home. For the cost of two movie rentals, popcorn and four candy bars, the savings are astronomical.
  10. In or out fun. Depending on the weather conditions and season, plan a picnic. If the weather turn cold or rain swoops in, move the fun inside. Set up the blanket on the living room floor and lay out the food. Turn on the music for this fun cheap date.



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