10 Fun Games For Couples

If you know at least 10 fun games for couples, there is no reason for your relationship to become stagnant. Sometimes there is just nothing worth watching on the television and you don’t feel like leaving the house. When that happens, get out one of these fun games and start having fun with one another. If you have enough fun, you never know what might happen later.

  1. “A Hot Affair.” A board game played with cards that have fantasies on them. The loser must fulfill the fantasy on the chosen card.
  2. “Strip Poker.” This is probably on everyone’s list of ten fun games for couples. You could play this with a lot of card games. Each time someone loses a hand, off comes a piece of clothing.
  3. “Newlywed Game.” This is a fun game is designed for two to four couples. It is based on the television show of the same name which revealed how well couples really knew one another.
  4. Back Writing. This is one of the free fun games for couples. Have your partner lie down and, with your finger, write a word on his or her back. Your partner must discern the word you are writing.
  5. Board games. There are a lot of fun games for couples that are board games and not necessarily romantic. These include “Scrabble,” “Checkers,” “Backgammon” and “Aggravation.” For quicker board games you could make them more sensual by having the loser of the round or game shed clothing.
  6. “Roll the Dice.” This requires two different colored dice. On a sheet of paper, write up to ten loving things to do, like hug, kiss and anything of that nature that comes to mind. Then, write down ten places. These can be places in the house, like the kitchen, laundry room, etc., and they can be places on the body. Be specific and imaginative when it comes to places on the body. Assign each list a color of die. Take turns with your partner rolling the dice and match the numbers up to the dice, then perform the action. For example, it might be a kiss in the kitchen.
  7. “Lust! Adult Game.” This is a fun game for couples that involves foreplay and fantasy. Players choose cards that give them passionate and sexy things to do.
  8. “Bliss.” A romantic computer game with sensual ideas to enhance the enjoyment of a couple.
  9. “Fantasies.” A deck of cards is used to come up with role-playing themes. It comes with the necessary tools such as a paddle, a feather and a blindfold to assist in the scenarios.
  10. “20 Questions.” Another one of the free fun games for couples is “20 Questions.” Each partner takes turns in giving the other an answer to an erotic question. The other partner gets twenty tries to figure out the question. Spice it up by making up sexy things for the partner to do if they do not answer correctly.
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