10 Fun Iphone Apps 2010

Somewhere in the vastly overpopulated iPhone app market are some really cool and actually fun iPhone apps, and this article will give you 10 fun iPhone Apps of 2010. Sifting through the debris yourself to find them, however, may prove to be a bit of a challenge, so use these to get you started!

  1. Bloomberg.  This app is an authority when you need financial news from across the globe, breaking news on the stock exchange or any other business related news. It might not be fun to many users, but it is very useful to the business-oriented iPhone user.
  2. Angry Birds. Angry birds is a fairly simple, incredibly addictive game that users of all platforms are buzzing about. Players fling birds in a trial and error        manner to attack pigs who have stolen their eggs. As the game progresses, birds with various abilities enter as levels offer more complex obstacles.
  3. Last.fm. This is a great music app that has similar features to internet radio sites like Pandora and Slacker. Stream endless playlists from customizable stations tailored to your preferences, read artist bios and share what you are currently listening to with your friends on social networks.
  4. iHandy Flashlight Free. A great tool to have in a dark place. Essentially, this free iPhone app converts the iPhone into a miniature flashlight that a person can use when they are in a dark place. An added bit of fun is there are 30 different colors to use on the flashlight.
  5. WSJ. This app does not disappoint the newspaper followers and fans. You will get the latest world news, in depth analysis and reports instantly.
  6. Fandango. Fandango now has a super nifty mobile application that the movie buff will appreciate. You can read film reviews, rate movies you have seen, and watch trailers from your phone.
  7. AP Mobile. With this free and reliable app from Associated Press, you will never worry about being left out when important news breaks.
  8. Facebook. This app, which connects the user to the world of Facebook from the iPhone, is truly excellent because it will give the user the same amount of features that the actual website offers. For those who like to stay in touch constantly, there is no better app to have.
  9. Paper Toss. This is a pretty simple app to play and is fast to download. The object of the app is to simply use the touch screen on the phone and toss a crumpled up piece of paper into a garbage bucket. Simple, pure, fun!
  10. Pet Notebook. This app is perfect for anyone who thinks of their pets as their furry children. It provides a sort of social profile on your iPhone for multiple        pets, complete with bios, picture galleries, and even information about microchips and medication!  Save all the important and fun info about your pet in one easy to use app.



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