10 Fun Places To Masturbate Without Getting Caught

When masturbating it is always fun to try out new places so here are 10 fun places to masturbate without getting caught. The thrill of getting caught makes masturbating more thrilling but sometimes you just want to jack off without getting caught.

  1. Woods. When you go camping there are loads of places to shoot your load. You can climb to the top of a tree and masturbate or you can hide in the pine trees. Regardless of where you camp you can always find a fun place to masturbate when you go camping in the woods.
  2. Roof. The roof of your house is a great place to masturbate as long as the neighbors do not have a clear view. You can jack off all night long and not get caught. Stroking your beaver filler on the roof of your house is one of 10 fun places to masturbate without getting caught.
  3. Trunk of the Car. You can get in your trunk and shut it. Don't worry as all trunks are able to be opened from the inside. As long as you are quiet you will not get caught masturbating.
  4. School for the Blind. The college for blind people is a great way to masturbate without getting caught. The blind college coeds simply think you are having an asthma attack.
  5. Kayak. Buy a large Kayak and row it out in the middle of the lake where nobody can see you. Whip out your dirtiest adult magazine and wail away on your member. The rocking of the waves and a bottle of lube will ease your troubles away.
  6. Hot Tub. If you are in a hot tub by yourself with the bubbles coming up you have found a fun place to masturbate without getting caught. Sometimes you can masturbate while someone else is in the tub without them knowing as long as you are sneaky.
  7. Hot Air Balloon. If you go in a hot air balloon by yourself you can have a fun place to masturbate without getting caught as long as a plane does not fly by.
  8. Elevator. Jerking off in an elevator is fun and you can't get caught as long as you are zipped back up by the time the elevator stops unless you happen to be in a glass encased elevator.
  9. Eiffel Tower. There is no where cooler to masturbate then the Eiffel Tower. You have to be sneaky about it but shooting a load from the top of the Eiffel Tower is simply heaven.
  10. Space Station MIR. If you happen to be one of the lucky Astronauts or Cosmonauts that gets left alone on Space Station MIR for months at a time you can be one of the lucky few that get to jack off in space. There are live cameras on MIR but you will know where you can safely wank off without being seen by the cameras. Of course in space your load may float right by the camera but you can just tell everyone watching on TV that you sneezed.
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