10 Fun Places To Travel In February

There are 10 fun places to travel in February that everyone should try to get to. Just because it is cold in February in some parts of the world does not mean you should run from the snow. Some of the ten fun places to travel in February are in the snowy areas while others will get you into the sun.

  1. Perth, Australia. Perth, Australia is a great place to visit in February because that is the middle of the Australian summer. If you are looking for the warmest place in the world for swimming and other beach activities in February, then Perth is your place.
  2. Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are nice any time of the year, but they are especially nice in February. The February weather is a bit cooler and more tolerable than the rest of the year, and the sunsets because of the cooler moisture in the air can be spectacular.
  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The snow is falling in buckets during the month of February in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This is the place to be for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.
  4. Paris, France. February is the month of Valentine's Day and love all over the world. Paris, the City of Lights, offers lovers from all over the world some of the most beautiful city scenery they will ever see.
  5. Niagara Falls, Ontario. The Canadian side of the Niagara Falls is filled with lover's retreats and special honeymoon suites. February is especially active in Niagara Falls, Ontario because it caters to all of the lovers in the world. Plus, the Niagara River and surrounding areas look beautiful when covered in snow.
  6. Phoenix, Arizona. The winter tends to bring humidity and moisture regardless of where you live, and that is especially true in February. The one place that would be fun to visit is Phoenix, Arizona where you can escape the moisture and enjoy yourself.
  7. Orlando, Florida. February is the ideal time to visit Orlando, Florida because it is considered off-peak for travel. That means that the hotel rooms will be less expensive and the lines for the rides at Disneyworld and Universal Studios will be at their shortest points of the year.
  8. Sapporo, Japan. Since 1950, Sapporo, Japan has hosted a major winter festival called the Sapporo Snow Festival. The snow and ice sculptures alone make this worth the trip, but if you ever wanted to see Japan at its most creative then this is one of the ten fun places to travel in February that you have to check out.
  9. Quebec City, Quebec. In Canada, since 2001, there has been an ice hotel built just outside of Quebec City in the province of Quebec. It is usually finished by the beginning of January and operates as long as it can during the winter. This is one of the ten fun places to travel in February because this is one of the few ice hotels in the world that regularly takes guests, and February is a very busy month for the hotel.
  10. Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is an American natural treasure that can take days to see in its entirety. The fun part about traveling to the Grand Canyon National Park in February is the fact that February is one of the slowest months of the year for tourism. If you have ever wanted to feel like you have the Grand Canyon to yourself, then go see it in February.
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