10 Fun Ringtones

These 10 fun ringtones can put a smile on your face and those around you each time you get a call on your cell phone. While often we set our phones for custom tones for the important people in our lives, it doesn't always have to be serious. Got a crazy friend, mark them with a fun tone. Got a psycho ex-girlfriend? Place a fun ringtone with their name so you can get the last laugh every time they try to call.

  1. The "Oompa Loompa" Song The classic song from the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" makes for a fun ringtone. As the little orange guys sing, your phone will get everyone singing and remembering the classic film.
  2. "Surfer Bird" For a fun ringtone, choose one of the many versions of this 1960's song. The original by The Trashmen or the version from the television show "Family Guy" will both bring smiles to all who hear.
  3. "Answer the Phone" Available in many versions from multiple companies, this fun ringtone is simple, but will bring giggles to the room.
  4. "Oh Hell No" Another fun ringtone available from multiple sources is perfect for that person you are trying to avoid. When the phone says "Oh Hell No" you will know not to pick it up, and get a good laugh in the mean time.
  5. "Super Mario Brothers" theme The tune from the video game makes a fun ringtone. People around you will recognize the tune immediately and bring on memories of good times.
  6. "The Price is Right" fail song The horrible sounding trombone tune played when a player fails on the game show makes for a fun ringtone.
  7. "Disco Duck" Either from Rick Dees or from Disney, it's definitely a fun ringtone. Watch your friends flap their arms as your phone goes off.
  8. "Kyle's Mom" – South Park The song from an episode of the television show makes a great fun ringtone. May not be appropriate for all present company.
  9. "Cuppy Cake" – Strawberry Shortcake The fun ringtone originated on the 1970's cartoon show, but came back into public focus with a YouTube video.
  10. The Bedroom Intruder song. Made famous by a YouTube video sensation, the line "They climbing in your windows, they snatching your people up" became a fun ringtone after Antoine Dodson was turned into a singing crime victim by "Auto Tune the News".
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