10 Fun Sex Tips

Anyone who has been in a long-term relationship can benefit from these 10 fun sex tips because they will brighten up your time in the bedroom. People who are single and looking for fun can use these sex tips to please the hot women they sleep with. Sex tips are always useful for a rainy day and people who pay attention to sex tips rarely sleep alone.

  1. "Be Prepared." If you are serious about sex then you have to be on your guard 24/7. You can't have fun sex if you are not ready for sex because your are drunk, bloated from over eating or excessively tired. Exercise, don't over eat and get small quantities of quality sleep so that you are ready whenever sex comes knocking. 
  2. "Try new locations." Why just have sex in the bedroom when there is a whole world to explore? A fun sex tip is to find new locations for sex. Start in your home and then move outdoors. Draw up a list of locations such as the beach, a car and a park. Don't quit having sex until you have marked off every location on your list. 
  3. "Get Dressed up." Everyone has some kind of fantasy about having sex with someone other than their lover so dress up and fulfill each others fantasies. If you girlfriend has a neck biting fantasy then dress up as Dracula and make her dream a reality.  
  4. "Invite friends over." If you want sex to be more fun then remember that two heads are better than one and three heads are better than two. Find a hot girl to join you and your lover for sex. Ideally find a girl who enjoys men and women and you will really have some fun. 
  5. "Use props" It can be tiring to keep an erection for hours and hours but if your lover wants to keep going past your penis' sell by date then use an artificial aid. Get a dildo and allow yourself to recover while your girlfriend remains in the game. 
  6. "Use Food." A great tip for fun sex involves the use of food. Licking cream off body parts always leads to great sex. If you have some extra preparation time then you can buy a penis popsicle mold and make a nice cold snack for your lover.  
  7. "Buy the Karma Sutra." You may think that you know all of the moves but the "Karma Sutra" has moves in it that even the biggest hedonists have yet to try. Randomly pick 5 sexual positions from the famous book and try and accomplish them all in one weekend. 
  8. "Become a condom reviewer." Condom manufacturers use human testers for their latest products so a great tip for fun sex is to get a job as a condom tester. You and your girlfriend can try every kind of ribbed, studded and flavored condom and you may even get paid for it. 
  9. "Pretend it is your first date." Go to a nightclub or bar separately and pretend you have never met before. start hitting on each other and eventually take it back to your place. Seduce her as if it is the first time you've ever met her and and you will have fun sex. 
  10. "Swinging" The threesome mainly appeals to guys so a fun sex tip to keep both of you happy is to go to a swingers party. She will get to try out some new men and you can let her have her fun while you explore pleasures of your own. Afterwards you can exchange stories while you have fun sex together.
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