10 Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for 10 funny Christmas gift ideas? Well, that's just awesome because this article will provide you with 10 very funny Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Funny Christmas gifts are really great for friends, family and co-workers alike. Funny gifts adds a sense of humor and cheer to the holidays like nothing else. So, sit back and get ready to go shopping for 10 really funny Christmas gifts.

  1. Bumper Stickers. Nothing says funny like something stuck on the back of someone's bumper. You can actually personalize your own bumper stickers at many T-shirt shops and local printing shops in your area. If you don't feel like personalizing a bumper sticker, you can find many humorous ones online for a decent price.
  2. Naughty Novelty Gifts. Naughty gifts are always fun for Grandma, Mom and Dad. There is nothing funnier than watching your Grammy blush at a funny item you picked up at a local adult store. It's all about the fun gift giving process and watching someone open up a gift like this that makes it a great gift!
  3. Bobble Heads. This is another very funny gift that give someone. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like opening up your own bobble head. There are many online stores that offer customization to their bobble heads to make it look similar to the person are you gifting.
  4. Funny Random Shirts. Another funny gift for Christmas is naughty, rude, or just hilarious graphic shirts. You can find many great shirts at online stores. Just make sure that the graphic shirt fits the person getting the gift!
  5. Edible Underwear. This is another funny gift that falls under the naughty category, however, it's a great funny gift for any couple that you might know. Who knows, they might actually use it!
  6. Customized Beer Mugs. Now, you might be thinking, "Oh, what's so funny?", you should personalize the beer mug with a funny drunk quote or even better, if you have a picture of this person while they were drunk, use that. Take it to your local printing shop and have them place the customization on the beer mug for your funny friend!
  7. Kid Toys. This is another great funny gift for Christmas, especially between friends. Fart cushions, play dough, glow In the dark objects, light sabers, you name it. These are really funny gifts to give to an adult! It almost reminds your friends and family of their childhood days.
  8. Fake Tattoos. If you are looking for a gag gift for someone, try looking for temporary tattoos that are humorous. This can be customized or not, either way, it's a great gag gift for someone at Christmas.
  9. Singing Objects. Anything that sings, moves, and dances around is always annoying to the point of funny for anyone. Don't find something cute, but try to find something very annoying, loud and obscene that sings or talks out loud. Even better, find a singing object that senses motion whenever they walk by it.
  10. Customized Skins. Skins or accessory covers are really great Christmas gifts for people with electronics that use skins as an accessory. It's even better if you find a hilarious skin that they can sport around all year long!
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