10 Funny Dating Questions

Dating is all about getting to know the other person and asking questions, but a list of ten funny dating questions offers some options for discussion when the conversation gets too heavy. Humor is a matter of taste and a funny question that strikes one person as hysterical might be a dud for someone else, so match questions to your date's demeanor.

  1. If you could be any alien, who would it be and why? This might not be the first question to ask on a date, but it may be good for the second question. This topic covers your date's views on space travel and clearly outlines the type of gray matter you're dealing with. Too detailed, she's a geek. If she asks what's an alien, you're dating under your pay grade. 
  2. What is your favorite nude beach? This question covers all the basics. Outrage to the question tips you off that the woman is a prude. A quick answer that matches with your favorite nude beach is a match made in heaven.
  3. What part of your body is your favorite? This funny question gets to the basics of the physical relationship. If her body part selection matches your favorite part on her body, you've also scored a love match. If the part she picks is different than your favorite part on her body, then maybe you'd better get to know that part. You're missing out on something special, by her own admission!
  4. If you could rule the world, where would you hang out the most in your big kingdom? This question checks your date's sense of adventure and also can be used to check if your date has any sense of world geography. If you don't know geography either, then you'll both consider this question as one on the list of funny dating questions. 
  5. What is your favorite piece of underwear or lingerie? Conversely, you can ask, What is your favorite piece of my underwear? This question is another check on the prude factor and for how much attention your date spends on fine underpinnings. 
  6. If you could be arrested for any crime, what would it be? Think about your favorite crime and hope for another love match here when you ask this question. The answer may be enlightening, but be prepared for a odd answer. Think of a quick excuse to make your exit. You don't want to be dating a future ax murderer.
  7. What do you think of the Octo-mom? This question is funny, but also gives you a clue about the woman you're dating when things get serious. Birth control, a house full of kids, and artificial insemination are all covered in this one basic question. 
  8. When do you feel too sexy for your clothes? This question gets the term "sex" out in the open and, even though there isn't really a correct answer, it allows your date to get beyond the nervousness state. Asking this question during dinner in a public place won't get you an immediate striptease, but will set the mood for a possible later performance. 
  9. Nutty, chunky or smooth? No explanation is necessary for this question. If she looks at you oddly after you've asked the question, simply move on. She's not nutty enough. If she answers with a smile, then her choice doesn't matter; she's a fun date. 
  10. Hot, cold or iced? Another non sequitur, but by asking this question you get an idea of your date's capacity for fun. You can also tell if she happens to be having a good time on the date. An icy answer means you need to crank up the fun. 
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