10 Funny Family Movies

These 10 funny family movies are both live action films and animation. It’s great to gather the family into the living room, share a huge bowl of popcorn and watch good, clean, funny family films together. Nothing keeps a family together like a film that makes them all laugh together. 

  1. Home Alone” (1990). A boy is accidentally left home alone when his family takes off for vacation. He must defend his home against not-so-clever robbers, and that’s when the fun begins in this funny family movie.
  2. “Toy Story” (1995). A cowboy toy finds that he must compete for his owner's affection when a space man toy is given as a present. Kids love this movie where toys comes to life.
  3. “The Princess Bride” (1987). Kids love sword fights, princesses, giants and evil villains. This story is about Princess Buttercup who is kidnapped by an evil prince. A childhood friend of hers then embarks on a quest to rescue her.
  4. “Shrek” (2001). A high grossing funny family movie in which an ogre with his obnoxious sidekick donkey set out to recover their swampland from a scheming Lord. To regain his swamp Shrek must rescue a princess.
  5. “Harry Potter – The Sorcerer's Stone” (2001). This story is full of wizards, magic and spells. Harry and his two friends must find the secret stone before the most evil wizard of all finds it first.  
  6. “Finding Nemo” (2003). Kids love aquariums, so this movie hits the spots as the film is about a father fish that loses his son fish when he’s caught in a fishermen's net. The father sets out to find his son and bring him back home.
  7. “Night at the Museum” (2006). Museums can be boring for kids but not when all the exhibits come to life. In this film, the night security guard has to keep the museum from going into chaos when every exhibit comes to life throughout the night until the sun rises the next day. 
  8. “Kung-Fu Panda” (2008). A fat panda must learn the art of kung-fu, but he just can’t stop eating. This movie will have you rolling on the floor as the panda goes into kung-fu training.
  9. Ratatouille” (2007). Story about a mouse who dreams of becoming a French chef. Kids will love watching the mouse befriend a horrible cook as together they became a great cooking team.
  10. Madagascar” (2005).  A group of zoo animals try to find their missing friend. Unfortunately they find themselves on a plane to Africa and must learn to live in the wild. This film is full of one-liners as the pampered animals must fend for themselves in the wild.
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