10 Funny Gangsta Rap Songs

Making a list of ten funny gangsta rap songs was easy to do although there were a few that were left off the list. The metaphors used in these rap songs are what make these songs so hilarious. Here is a list of the funny gangsta rap songs:

  1. “Automobile” by Easy-E tells a story about a date that he was on and what happened. This is one of the funniest gangsta rap songs because it tells about how Easy-E thought he was going to have sex but the female changed her mind. He tells his date that she can either join him in his hotel room, which is a metaphor for the backseat of his car, or walk home.
  2. “We Got” by Ludacris. In the gangsta rap song, Ludacris is singing about how he has no problem killing a person. He uses funny metaphors when describing how fast he can kill multiple people by saying he goes through people like J-Lo goes through men. 
  3. “Player Haters” by Josh Tobin. This gangsta song is about Josh letting everyone know who dislikes him that he has no problem killing someone. He uses the metaphor of how he is so gangsta that he drops bombs on people like Hiroshima. What makes this song funny is that he does not discriminate about whom he will kill if they hate on his lifestyle.
  4. “How to Rob" by 50 Cent. This rapper is singing about how easy it would be for him to rob anyone. 50 Cent mentions that he would rob Pastor Mason Betha, formerly Mase, just because he knows it would be easy. He also mentions that he would not need a gun to rob Pun because the 400-pound man would not be able to run during or after the robbery.  
  5. "It's On" by Ice-T. This gangsta rap song is funny because Ice-T is rapping about how had to go out on his own selling drugs. Ice-T is rapping about how he cannot trust anyone on the streets. What makes this song funny is that he metaphorically describes how he had to be so tough that he would cut off Charlton Heston’s head just to show his determination to gain respect.
  6. “Who Shot Ya” by Notorious B.I.G. This rapper is singing about how he goes around shooting people and the reaction that he gets. What makes this song funny is the metaphor he uses to describe the behavior he sees going on as he commits his crimes. Notorious states, “I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek your heartbeat soun like Sasquatch feet thundering, shaking the concrete.” The metaphor he uses here is to describe the victim’s behavior knowing that he is about to be killed.
  7. "Straight Out of Compton" by the N.W.A. Ice Cube is metaphorically describing how he will “mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo” referring to how he will beat up anyone who wants to fight. This whole song has metaphors used to describe the violence that these rappers do from beating up someone to shooting people with no recourse.
  8. “Murder Ink” by Dr. Dre. Though this rap song is about murder it still falls onto the funny list of gangsta rap songs. Dr. Dre describes his victim’s behavior as "nervous, as a Farmer John pig.” Dre is acknowledging that his victim is nervous because he knows that he is about to be murdered.
  9. “Natural Born Killaz” by Dr. Dre featuring Ice Cube. This gangsta rap song is telling a story about Dr. Dre's violent life. You realize this because Dr. Dre says in the beginning, “Journey with me into the mind of maniac.” He goes on to tell a story of how violent he is and that even his own mother is afraid to be around him because of his violent behavior.
  10. “One Eighty Seven” by Dr. Dre. This violent song is funny because of the music and verbiage used. Dr. Dre sings about how people are carrying guns on the street because there is always someone getting shot. He uses a funny metaphor to describe someone getting their head blown off by saying, “Rat-tat-tat-tat with their caps peelin’ back.”
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