10 Funny Homer Simpson Quotes

With years of memorable Homer Simpsons quotes, it is difficult to list 10 funny Homer Simpson quotes. Here are just some of the most memorable and funniest Homer Simpsons quotes including Homer discussing religion, geography and the important things in life. Learn about ten funny Homer Simpson quotes

  1. "Maybe, just once, someone will call me, 'Sir' without adding 'you're making a scene.'" This best Homer Simpson quote is from the 1996 Simpsons episode, "Class Struggle in Springfield." Homer and Mr.Burns are playing golf. Homer is excited about the valet parking.
  2. "Marge, don't discourage the boy! Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel." This funny Homer Simpson quote is from "Springfield, Springfield." The episode is "Itchy and Scratchy, the Movie." This is from season four of the Simpsons.

  3. Getting out of jury duty is easy. The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races. This funny Homer Simpson quote is Homer giving advice on how to get out of jury duty. Homer is imparting his wisdom on the process of juror selection. This funny Simpson quote is one of the most readily used quotes.

  4. It's not easy to juggle a pregnant wife and a troubled child, but somehow I managed to fit in eight hours of TV a day. This funny Homer Simpson quote is from " Lisa's First  Word." This episode aired in 1992. This quote is Homer expressing frustration after Bart called him 'Homer' instead of 'dad' and told him the "house sucks."

  5. I'm not a bad guy! I work hard, and I love my kids. So why should I spend half my Sunday hearing about how I'm going to Hell? This funny Homer Simpson quote is from "Homer and the Heretic." This quote is Homer's response to "god." "God" appeared to Homer to express his disapproval for Homer not attending church.

  6. Lisa, if the Bible has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, it's that girls should stick to girls sports, such as hot oil wrestling and foxy boxing and such and such. This funny Homer Simpson quote is Homer's argument to Lisa about why she should not play hockey. The episode is aired in 1994 and is called "Lisa on Ice." This episode is from season five.

  7. "If you don't like your job, you don't go on strike. You show up everyday and do a really half-a**ed job, that is the American way. This funny Homer Simpson quote comes from the episode, "Last Exit to Springfield."  Homer is telling Lisa not to go on strike. He offers a better solution.

  8. "You-are-gay." Homer Simpson, looking at a map and pointing to the country, Uruguay. Homer laughs and tries to sound out the word, "this country is called 'you are gay.'" This funny Homer Simpson quote captures Homer's vast geographical knowledge and culture.

  9. I'm in no condition to drive…wait! I shouldn't listen to myself, I'm drunk! This funny Homer Simpson quote is from the 2004 Simspson's episode, "Co-dependents Day." This is from the 15th episode of the Simpsons. In this episode Homer stumbles to his car and fumbles with his keys and subsequently reasons he is too intoxicated to get behind the wheel, but figures he should not listen to himself because he is drunk.

  10. "With 10,000 dollars, we'd be millionaires." This funny Homer Simpson quote is Homer responding to Bart, who won a radio contest. Bart got to choose between 10,000 dollar and an elephant. They chose the elephant.

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