10 Funny Irish Drinking Songs

Known infamously for drinking both whiskey and beer, here are 10 funny Irish drinking songs. Along with love songs or Irish origins, many drunks enjoy belting the lyrics of funny Irish drinking songs.

  1. "Seven Drunken Nights" – Written from the point of view of an alcoholic husband, the song "Seven Drunken Nights" tells of a husband who comes home drunk every night. The husband comes home too drunk to realize that his wife is cheating on him and the other man is still in the house when the husband comes stumbling in the house and into the bed.
  2. "Lily the Pink" – This song tells about a lady named "Lily the Pink" who gives alcohol to numerous men to cure disorders like stuttering, disillusions, large ears and high pitched voices. The alcohol or “medicinal compound” as it is referred to in the song, remedies these problems in non-conventional ways.
  3. "Whiskey in the Jar" – A traditional Irish song, "Whiskey in the Jar" reveals the story of a man who steals a fortune from a captain. The man takes his loot home and tells his wife about their new fortune, thinking his wife will keep the secret, the man heads to bed for the night. The next morning, he wakes up to find the captain and his guards standing in his bedroom to arrest him. Realizing how his wife has deceived him, the man realizes he should have stuck to taking “delight in the juice of the barley.”
  4. "The Moonshiner" – The song "The Moonshiner" is a traditional Irish song written as a tribute to moonshine. The moonshiner of the song has no family and no wife an confesses that his only love is making and drinking moonshine.
  5. "The Night That Paddy Murphy Died" – This song tells about a memorial ceremony for the dead Mr. Paddy Murphy. Paddy Murphy’s wife and friends gather to play music and drink to the memory of Mr. Murphy. The memorial ceremony becomes loud and the police have to come in and stop a fight. They tackle Paddy Murphy’s body to the ground, discover he is dead and then get chased away by Paddy’s grieving wife.
  6. "Old Dun Cow" – The Irish drinking song "Old Dun Cow" reveals the story of a man and his drinking buddies and their adventures at a local bar. When a fireman comes in to announce that the bar is on fire, the man and his friends rush to the basement to continue their drinking, despite the fire. They drink through the fire as the roof crashes down and water rains down on them from the firemen’s hoses. Once the fire is out, the rush off to another bar to get in a few drinks before that bar closes for the night.
  7. "Finnegan’s Wake" – In this traditional Irish drinking song, when Tim Finnegan passes away, his wife and friends throw a memorial ceremony in which drinking is involved. When a fight breaks out, someone throws a bucket of whiskey at one of the wake guests. The whiskey lands on Tim Finnegan and literally wakes him from the dead.
  8. "Do Virgins Taste Better" – This Irish drinking song is not a tale of drinking at all, but simply a song that many who are drinking enjoy to sing along with friends. This song tells of a dragon that visits a local town and only feeds on virgins. The town members decide to prevent their population from falling that they will make sure there are no virgins for the dragon to eat.
  9. "Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits" – Written in 2007, this song warns its listeners to avoid drinking with hobbits, the familiar characters from J. R. R. Tolkein’s novels. The warning insists that drinking with hobbits will land you with too good of a time and a dandy hangover.
  10. "All For Me Grog" – In this old Irish song, a man assumed to be a pirate sings about how all of his belongings are wore and old because he spends all his money on drinking. He gives away his belongings and bed for drinking money and does not have a lady because he spends all his money and time consuming the “grog”.
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