10 Funny Movie Trailers

This list of 10 funny movie trailers will have you laughing. Trailers are some people's favorite part of the movie going experience. Much like movies, there are many different styles of trailers.


  1. "Despicable MeThe official movie trailer opens with a family in Egypt. They're hyper and rather round child breaks free from his leash, falling on the Great Pyramid. Here's the punch line, it’s an inflatable pyramid because the real one has already been stolen by the star of the movie.
  2. "Dumb and Dumber" Short and to the point the trailer defines words like "dumb," "idiot" and "stupid," while mixing in clips of the movie. It also features a close up of the stars in their car decorated to look like a dog.
  3. "Corruption" The movie is a horror movie and for it’s time period, slightly scary. The plot of the movie is the twisted quest of a London surgeon trying to fix his scarred girlfriend by hunting and killing women for their body parts. The trailer however, is so B-movie that it’s hysterical. The trailer features sped up screaming scenes and flashing text that read, “No woman will dare go home alone after seeing "Corruption." Instead of inciting fear it creates giggles.
  4. "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" This is a case of the trailer being funnier than the movie. The movie revolves around the guide. It’s two minutes of comedy gold but sadly showed all the funny parts of the movie.
  5. "Airplane" Much like with "Corruption" this trailer is so B-movie that it’s funny. Unlike "Corruption" this trailer was done in the B-movie style on purpose. It even has the over dramatic flashing text as well. Screwball humor at it’s funniest.
  6. "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut" The trailer opens with a booming voice claiming Paramount has brought together the world’s top animators, with a budget of over $630 million to create “the most advanced animation ever seen by the human eye.” Then the audience sees the high dollar animation. It is none other than one of the stars of the show, drawn in the shows very low-budget style.
  7. "Real Life" Sometimes trailers don’t even have to show clips from the movie to be great. This is the case with the movie "Real Life." The creator Albert Brooks is shown at a desk where he explains that the trailer is in 3D and asks the audience to put on their glasses. A note flashes on the screen saying glasses not available everywhere. Brooks keeps up the joke of the 3D through out the trailer as he continuously sticks his finger and other things at the camera. The audience is left with a vague idea of the movie but is brought to tears from laughter.
  8. "Clerks" The movie and trailer were both filmed in black and white to cut down on budget. It also adds to the humor of the film. A modern film scene (at least at the time) in black and white. The title shot on the other hand is in color. The trailer is just your normal quick taste of the movie.
  9. "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" This movie is considered one of the best comedies of all time by many and the trailer follows suit. The idea and style, much like the movie, is simple. Words are flashed one at a time on the screen to make questions that are then answered by very short clips of the movie. Each with it’s own punch line.
  10. "Comedian" Another trailer that doesn’t show any of the movie. This one features the voice over legend Hal Douglas trying to record a clip for the movie. He can’t seem to get it right. The audience is left laughing and only knowing that Jerry Seinfeld has made a movie.
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