10 Funny Movies To Watch After A Break Up

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, as shown in these 10 funny movies to watch after a break up. While it may be comforting to watch a sad movie while you drown your sorrows with a gallon of ice cream, finding something to laugh about usually feels better in the long run.

  1. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is the story of a not so famous guy getting dumped by his famous girlfriend. When he decides to take a vacation to take his mind off things, he runs into his ex, along with her obnoxious and clueless new love interest. Full of laughs, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" will take your mind off your own break up.
  2. "The Break Up" "The Break Up" is about a couple who break up, but then are forced to remain in the same apartment, as neither of them want to give up their prime real estate. It's a comedy, but it isn't a typical romantic comedy, as the ending isn't what most people would classify as "happy."
  3. "High Fidelity" A long time break up movie chosen by guys, "High Fidelity" is about Rob, a compulsive list maker, listing his top five break ups. A romantic comedy that men can actually relate to.
  4. "Swingers" This funny break up movie is another break up movie that men can relate to. When Mike is having a hard time getting over his recent break up, his buddies decide he needs to get back into the swing of things, so to speak.
  5. "Lars and the Real Girl" "Lars and the Real Girl" is unconventional, but still a funny movie to watch after a break up. Lars is a little delusional, proven by the fact that he begins to form an emotional attachment to a sex doll he orders off the internet.
  6. "The Bounty Hunter" Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston star in this romantic comedy about a bounty hunter who winds up having to hunt down his ex, who's in a little spot of trouble with the law. They proceed to butt heads and battle it out for the remainder of the film, in more than one funny situation.
  7. "Better Off Dead" "Better Off Dead" is about a guy in high school who gets brutally dumped by his shallow girlfriend. While thinking up creative ways to end his life, he must endure his dysfunctional family, and then he winds up falling for a French woman.
  8. "The Ugly Truth" The two main characters in this movie have completely opposing views on love and relationships. There are several scenes that are sure to give you a bad case of the giggles and take your mind off your break up.
  9. "The Wedding Singer" "The Wedding Singer" must be included on a list of funny break up movies. The two main characters are engaged…. to different people. As this is an Adam Sandler movie, hilarity is pretty much guaranteed.
  10. "What Happens in Vegas" The famous slogan for Sin City was the inspiration for this movie. Early on in the movie, Ashton Kutcher's character makes a remark, "What happens in Vegas, you pay for after you get home!" An impulse marriage after a night of heavy drinking in Vegas is usually solved with a simple annulment. Not so simple after Kutcher's character ends up winning a jackpot from a slot machine. The judge in divorce court sentences them to 6 months of marriage. Hilarity ensues with one situation after another, with Kutcher and Diaz's characters each trying to come out on top in their battle of wits. 
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